Life without Computers...


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What would it be...what would you have done if Computers didn't exists or invented by mankind...

share your views :wink:


You said it yourself , there was "Life without Computers.". Now its just Machine oriented life.


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First things first ! There wouldn't be this forum and this post where i would be posting what would life be without computers.


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We all can't imagine our life without computer because computer is the one which make our job easier like in banking number of big and small transactions are done by with the help of computer, computer is the one who save huge amount of data, traffic lights are also controlled by with the help of computers. For daily purpose , it become need for every single i do lots of things in my computer like chatting with people, play lots of games, search jobs, research about any topic and a lot more. i don't want to think about if the computer does not exist then what i can do... :-o

Right off the assembly line
i cant imagine....

i love making new friends and i cant imagine what it would have been like without computers and internet......

& i love singing too....without computers, i would not have been able to share my singing with my friends and other people :(

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King of my own Castle


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Lots of trees will be cut off for paperworks.
There will be no Game/Music/Movie industry.


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Simple life as usual without PC thats all. I have spend some months without a PC and did pretty well so no change for me. I'll miss games that is all.
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