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windows 8

  1. ©mß

    [HELP]Dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 8 in HP.

    First, I have googled on this topic but not getting answers (might be my fault). So, now need your help. Windows 8 came pre-installed with my HP laptop. Now I want to dual boot Windows 7 but the wizard says something like "one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation"...
  2. Tejo

    System Volume Information folder occupied 100 gb

    I have been noticing recently, my C drive gets occupied fully even if there are no bigger programs installed. Out of 150gb, after uninstalling few programs, the space left was 30gb. Day by day it started decreasing and i saw 20gb today. I used the disk cleanup tool and it shows only 100mb after...
  3. ©mß

    How to make laptop as Wi-Fi hotspot?

    I use MTS Mblaze for internet and want to make my Laptop running Windows8 as a wifi hotspot. I have already watched many videos on youtube. ALready tried that CMD method and already tried all softwares(i think). Now help me with the same keeping in mind that I am using MBlaze.
  4. Tejo

    Fully format or clean install in a Windows 8 preinstalled laptop.

    I have Samsung NP550P5C, which came with windows 8 pre-installed and I also updated it to Windows 8.1 I want to freshly install Windows 8.1 again. When I googled, I have seen some info like the product key is already embedded in the bios and it automatically recognises the key when we install...
  5. V

    Windows 8: An operating system not found

    System, after BIOS screen bootup shows the following message: An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drivers that don't contain an operating system. System configuration: Current operating system : Windows 8 RAM 8GB CPU Intel i5 Motherboard : Gigabte B75M-D3H (UEFI DualBios)...
  6. G

    need suggestion which controller should i buy for PC

    i am looking to buy a new controller after windows 8.1 i had too many problem with drivers to get a generic gamepad work... got frustrated... so now decided to get a good one i am going for xbox 360 wireless to go with my windows 8.1 because i think most games will support it out of the box i...
  7. S

    Problems with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on Dell Laptop

    I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 15 3521 with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS preloaded (i3 and 4gb ram). Now I am having a few problems with my OS which I am listing as following 1. Whenever I hibernate the system and restart it later, I get a blank screen. 2. On restarting the system, sound is muted by...
  8. E

    Recovery Partition and Factory Reset

    I just bought a new hp windows 8 notebook. It came with two partitions on the hdd a windows and a recovery. It also came with bloatware , Norton and office. To remove the bloatware I tried full factory reset but it didn't help as nothing was removed. When I was browsing the hp recovery centre I...
  9. Tejo

    Need help regarding solving an issue - probably an OS issue - NP550 - S05IN

    Hi friends, I'm using S05IN. Some time back some virus came in to the system and the antivirus I'm using didn't do any defense. So I tried a different antivirus and finally it is solved. But the prob is, since then my laptop became very slow. If I open the task manager, it shows 97% hdd...
  10. sahil1033

    Serious troubles with my system

    Hey, I got a laptop (Lenovo E49) from my college and they've customised it from their side with many restrictions. Okay so I've been facing many problems since the beginning but what has frightened me most is that my bluetooth is OFF and I can't even turn it ON. Second which happened yesterday...
  11. A

    My PC's a mess!

    Hey everybody, my PC's in a very big mess right now. I've Win XP, Win 8(not activated). Since it is not activated, Microsoft is giving me huge trouble about it: Everything hangs after about 5 minutes of usage, and also some system32.dll file is missing from Win X, so it does not boot. Now, I...
  12. E

    External hard disk problems !

    I'm not sure if this category is appropriate for this query, but your help would be appriciated. I happen to use Seagate's FreeAgent GoFlex 2TB Harddrive [NTFS format] and am using it on a Windows 7 Ultimate with SP 1(x86). The drive would usually show up under "Devices with Removable...
  13. E

    External Hard dis problems !

    I'm not sure if this is a software (Operating System) problem or not, but your help would be appriciated! I happen to use Seagate's FreeAgent GoFlex 2TB Harddrive [NTFS format] and am using it on a Windows 7 Ultimate with SP 1(x86). The drive would usually show up under "Devices with...
  14. mrinmoy

    Windows 8 pro, update settings is grayed out.

    Hi, I use windows 8 pro in my laptop with a microsoft live account. The os is activated. Today in the notification centre I got a message about "view windows update settings". When I clicked on the message I saw that "change settings" option...
  15. A

    Windows 8 problems

    Hey people, I need some help here. I have an un-activated Windows 8 on my PC. I installed it sometime end-of-January'13. And now, since the past few weeks, I sign in, it works perfectly fine for the first 5 minutes or so, and then everything goes haywire! And by haywire, I mean completely...
  16. H

    Windows 8 bootable DVD

    Hello friends, i want to make a windows 8 bootable DVD using the setup files stored in my computer. But i don't have the win 8 boot information file or .bif file to make a bootable disk. can anybody know where to download that .bif file or any other method to make bootable disk. Note that i...
  17. P

    windows8 problem

    why does my screen flicker when sanp app or open app is due to low graphics performence
  18. R

    Windows 8 problems

    I have installed windows 8 pro, whenever I install or uninstall any programs and when I restart to make it effect, the screen is showing that the os has failed to configure the new update and restarts again please someone help me solve this problem
  19. M

    Graphics card issue in my hp pavilion m6 1002tx after uprading to windows 8pro

    I have upgraded my sys to windows8pro then after my graphics card was asking for driver update with a message the driver is not compatible with the current system. I contacted hp assistance for the issue. After downloading and installing many drivers nothing happened and my pc performance rating...
  20. Harsh Pranami

    Does switchable graphics work in win 8 in hp g6-2005ax??

    Well the title says it. I got my hp g6-2005ax preinstalled with win 7 home basic. Then the upgrade offer for 699inr came and i upgraded it instantly. I did not do a clean install simply upgraded it. My laptop got buggy. The discrete gpu was always on and fan whizzed like crazy. There was no...
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