Problems with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on Dell Laptop


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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 15 3521 with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS preloaded (i3 and 4gb ram). Now I am having a few problems with my OS which I am listing as following 1. Whenever I hibernate the system and restart it later, I get a blank screen. 2. On restarting the system, sound is muted by default. 3. I had Dell Recovery Image stored on my USB Pen drive. Now suddenly, the OS refuses to recognize the pendrive when i plug it in. 4. Plus, while operating the system, if my wired broadband connection breaks and the restarts, it refuses to recognize it as such. I need to restart the system. Can anyone suggest me a stable solution?

If a solution is not possible, is it possible that I can install Windows 8 on the laptop?


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And for the problem try doing a fresh install of Ubuntu or you can install Windows anytime.. Looks like drivers incompatibility is causing you the trouble.
> try updating the OS and drivers.

> You cna install any os as long as there are drivers available. Check Dell downloads page. If Windows drivers for your laptop are available, you can install Windows.


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The kernel of the Ubuntu which is shipped with Dell laptops is a bit different from the one in official Ubuntu. If you want, then you can download the official image of Ubuntu and then try it on your laptop.
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