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Recovery Partition and Factory Reset


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I just bought a new hp windows 8 notebook. It came with two partitions on the hdd a windows and a recovery. It also came with bloatware , Norton and office. To remove the bloatware I tried full factory reset but it didn't help as nothing was removed. When I was browsing the hp recovery centre I got an option to delete the recovery partition. So I was wondering will deleting the partition affect system restore. Will I still be able to reset later without making a new restore point or is that even necessary. I just want that when I reset, my win installation is in pristine state. with nothing else installed.


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If you delete C then then even recovery will be erased but just do a system restore or if you don't want bloatware then do a clean install of your OS.


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that is not possible.there is a reason laptop manufacturers install bloatware in factory state because they get paid from companies like norton(call it marketing) & they do it to recover some cost of genuine windows because unlike retail versions they don't charge extra for windows.unless you are experienced with partitions,imaging & system backup i suggest leave it at that & use windows uninstall to remove bloatware.


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@bavusani Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I have 2 partitions. c(Windows) and D(recovery). Thanks for the reply but was not the answer I was looking for.

@whitestar_999 So what will happen if I delete the recovery partition? Will I still be abler perform factory reset?
As for experience I have enough with partitioning and backup but I have not worked with win 8 system reset before.
Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I have 2 partitions. c(Windows) and D(recovery). Thanks for the reply but it was not the answer I was looking for.

I think this is what you want to do:

> remove all the blotware that came per-installed with the laptop.
> Create more partitions to keep data separate from windows instillation partition.
> Delete recovery partition if it causes no harm.

Correct if I got you wrong.

The restore partition contains the system image corresponding to the state in which the laptop was when shipped. When you perform a factory restore, it will restore the system from that partition. it is this big because it also contains the same blotware that you want to remove.

As I have little experience tinkering with laptops, I cannot comment on whether it is safe to delete the recovery partition or not.

To create more partitions, you'll have to shrink existing partition and create a new partition of the shrunken space.

> right click on "my computer" and select "Manage"
> Select "Disk management" form left pane.
> Right click on the drive you what to shrink (in your case its the 'c' drive).
> Enter the amount of space in MB you want t o shrink. this will be the size or new partition you want t o create. If you want to create multiple partition, shrink space enough for all the perditions.
> Right click on the shrunken out space adn choose "create new basic partition". Enter the smape to allocate for this new partition.
> OK and you are done.


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@harshilsharma_63 perhaps you missed my main post, I didn't ask how to make new partitions but thanks anyway.

@whitestar_999 Thanks that link answered all my questions. Since I don't have a win 8 disk nor am I planning to buy one, I won't delete the recovery partition. BTW the article said any win 8 disk will work as long as the version is right. So will getting one from torrents work, I mean since I own a genuine license, so that won't be pirating as long as I use the exact same version.
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