1. R

    Microsoft in Talks to Buy Winamp and Shoutcast From AOL

    I guess, this is a great news to many Winamp lovers, who just wants to see it alive. :-D Microsoft in Talks to Buy Winamp and Shoutcast From AOL | TechnoBuffalo
  2. Desmond

    Winamp to shutdown after 20th Dec 2013

    My most favourite media player before VLC came along. Could be one of the best media players out there. Extremely skinnable and support for thousands of plugins. It was so popular that Digit use to provide Winamp skins with every disc during the heydays. This will be a sad demise...
  3. soumya

    5.1 sound problem from applications..

    I am using the onboard sound chip Realtek for my 5.1 creative speakers. The problem is that when I am going in the control panel, sound options to check the sound, every speaker is giving sound. But when I am using an application like winamp, wmp, or ie for that matter, sound is only coming as...
  4. R

    Alternatives for WMP

    Can anyone tell me some freeware alternatives for Windows Media Player. I know of winamp but are there any others.
  5. meetdilip

    Suggest a lite mp3 player

    hi, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and using Winamp to play mp3. I am a great fan of Winamp as it is very simple and easy to use. I use it only for mp3 and have the latest version. But the latest version seems to be resource hungry and after upgrade to Firefox 7.0.1 (my stupid decision) both...
  6. george101

    Winamp - Integration with Windows 7 Taskbar

    Win7shell is a simple plugin for Winamp, that integrates it with the new taskbar of Windows 7. As you may know the taskbar offers lots of new features, which you can read about everywhere, including here. Why would you need this? The new taskbar features were designed to improve the convenience...
  7. leo61611616

    Winamp app for Android

    Winamp app for Android is now available. It’s in beta right now and requires minimum Android 2.1. The app offers complete media management solution by syncing your music with Winamp desktop application over USB or Wi-Fi. Read more here.
  8. pro

    Winamp plugin Enhancer not working properly in vista :(

    Hi All, i am facing problems with Winamp and a plugin of Winamp -->Enhancer 017 (try it once pleeeese and you will feel the difference) i am a BIIIG fan of Enhancer 017 for Windows. it works fine with XP but when i run it in Vista, it doesn't load with the predefined sound settings after...
  9. Krow

    foobar2000 noob

    I am experimenting with various audio players. I downloaded foobar2000 and was poking around only to be unable to find a shuffle mode. I tried looking for plugins but I couldnt find any(bit of a noob!). Also I need a plugin which would allow me to view items in the library by song(and not album...
  10. K

    Laptop in Sleep Mode

    Hi I want to know whether my applications will stop working in sleep mode. Ex. I am running winamp & my laptop goes into sleep mode. Will it continue to play..??? Regards Sudhir
  11. S

    Winamp Plugins

    Dear All, I have downloaded the latest version of Winamp from their website. But observed that that music from Winamp if complared to WMP-II is not upto the mark. Can you please suggest me good plugins from Winamp (along with the download links) which makes the the sound quality of winamp much...
  12. S

    Strange Winamp Classic problem

    I use winamp classic 2.91 and my pc config is P4 HT 630 3GHz, 2x80 gb SATA, Intel 915 chipset moby with onboard graphics with XPSP2.I am facing an unusual problem with winamp.Whenever i right click on a song in windows explorer and say Enqueue in winamp, the window suddenly hangs and this...
  13. R

    streaming from WMP

    can some1 give a small tutorial on how to stream using WMP i want to stream to my LAN . ( and not on internet ) i used winamp with shoutcast to do this earlier i had read somewhere that shoutcast is a server that can stream music played by clients like winamp and WMP , but couldnt figure out...
  14. ayush_chh

    Winamp 5.531 AutoTag Feature

    Hi Guys! Those who already know this Please ignore. Yesterday while playing with file Info. in winamp for a song, i found this autotag feature(never noted this before). Just click on it and it amazingly tags the song, any song i must say. I have tried many Hindi songs. Right Click on a song...
  15. utsav

    Shoutcast not working in airtel mobile office

    I started winamp and tried to connect to shoutcast using my new unlimited gprs data plan on airtel mobile office but winamp reported that i am not connected though i have conncted to net and browsing sites too. :mad: what to do help mw guys :( :mad: :( :( :( :confused: :???:
  16. topgear

    How to Play Winamp Within Winamp

    First of all - you need winamp version and Bento or Big Bento Skin activated for this hack to work. I haven’t tested it other winamp releases. Please test with version prior to 5.5 and let me know. Download AjaxAMP plugin from * or *
  17. R


    1. I want to clean my optical drive. Could you give me guidance as to where I can find links to workshop which shows me how to clean my optical drive in detail. 2. I have Windows XP PRO. I have 3 user accounts on my desktop. Myself my wife and my daughter. I had some video clips on my hard...
  18. P

    Winamp cannot play songs while copying files...

    My PC config is Core 2 Due E4500 2.2 GHz Procy, Foxconn 45CM-S Intel 945G Chipset Mobo, 256 MB DDR2 ram, 80 GB Sata, 40 GB Pata, LG CD Writer. OS WinXP Prof SP2 the problem is while listening to MP3 songs in winamp if i copy files from one drive / partition / CDROM to another winamp fails to...
  19. blackpearl

    How to stream music from your home computer to your office

    We will use a Winamp plugin called AjaxAMP to transform your computer into a streaming web server that you can access from any web browser from any where. This is how to do it: 1. Download AjaxAMP and install it into your Winamp's plugin directory. You should have Winamp installed on your PC...
  20. B

    Winamp for NOKIA 5610

    Where i can get winamp or any other music player for my Nokia 5610 xpress music??
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