1. B

    Winamp for NOKIA 5610

    Where i can get winamp or any other music player for my Nokia 5610 xpress music??
  2. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Can't able to see video in WM Player9

    Hello friend's I am not able to see videos in WM player 9. I can listen sound but no video. Same file when i open in some other Player (PWDVD, WInamp, Jetaudio, etc) I can see video as well as music . Plz help me
  3. D

    mp3 auto tagging

    i have some english mp3 files but they have only title and artist names....i wanna auto tag them all with other info such as year , composer , etc via the help of internet ............which would be the best software to do this.............have tried winamp auto tagger but it doesn't tags after...
  4. iMav

    Winamp has gone crazy

    winamp has ben giving me a hardtime for the past 3 days i have un-instaled and re-installed but to no effect ... this is a problem im facing in xp have to check vista yet any ideas? it just stops the playback gives me a error box with in_mp3.dll file problem and then this pops up
  5. I

    Software to display scope from mic !

    Hi .. I need a software which can be used to record sound from mic which also shows a real time scope like we have in winamp .Can you guys suggest something ? thanks
  6. thinker

    winamp error

    when i play a list of audio songs in my winamp player and enque a winamp video song in winamp the audio song playing at that time and the new video enqued at that time plays simultaneously what to do ?? is this normal of some default in my winamp ??:confused:
  7. vasulic

    Winamp Celebrates 10 Years!

    hi all Winamp Celebrates 10 Years! Get the latest version FREE!
  8. Gigacore

    Winamp celebrates 10 years + Winamp 5.5 is out!

    Hi guys i recieved a mail from winamp this morning. Winamp is celebrating its 10th anniversary. So along with that Winamp 5.5 is released and available for free to download. They say it has lot of features and new look!
  9. gsoul2soul

    Weird Wild & Whacky...

    Well i thought that subject sounded so much better... WWW = Weird Wild and Whacky Well that's the case with me.. I recently formated and clean installed XP Well... funny to say this BUT I feel my computer is a LIL Slow Another problem... while i click on mp3 song... it won't open in winamp I...
  10. A

    Winamp 5.5 released

    Winamp 5.5: 10th Anniversary Edition Launches Packed with new features, the latest edition of Winamp is available now. Download Winamp 5.5: The 10th Anniversary Edition and take the all new leading multimedia player for a ride. Here's a sampling of some of the great Winamp features: * A...
  11. L

    winamp mobile - p2k - motoroal l7 issue!

    Hi, I have a motorola L7 mobile with 1 GB memory card in it. Recently I installed Winamp mobile and tried to play some songs but in vain. I browsed thro' some forums and came to know that I have to dump all my songs in the b\mobile\audio folder. There is a software called P2k which is to be...
  12. dare_devil

    how integrate office 2003 with Windows XP installation CD

    hello friends..... i want to integrate office 2003 with Windows XP installation cd. can u help me. can i also integrate other software like winAMP, avast, microsoft windows defender with Windows XP installation cd???
  13. Gigacore

    Make Yahoo Messenger to show the song playing in winamp as ur status!

    Make Your Yahoo Messenger to show the song you are playing in winamp as your status! Let your IM friends know what you are listening to. :D To do this you need to follow these steps: Before that... Close your winamp & yahoo messenger, before doing the below steps. 1. Download and...
  14. iMav

    Winamp crashes

    this is a wierd problem im facing since yesterday .... winamp is running .... after some time it crashs automatically and says that nde.dll has some problem
  15. ax3

    Equaliser in Winamp ! ! !

    can any 1 explain 10 bars equaliser settings in Winamp ??? whots the best setting 2 get good sound quality out from a song ??? there r 19 bars in winamp visual bar ... sometimes left 4 bars dont showup & hence sound quality goes down ......... & mp3 = 128kbps or 128kBps 44KHz ???
  16. mayneu

    winamp plugins needed

    i want to know any other plugins are available for winamp other than dfx... like 3d surround, hi-fi stereo and bass etc... i want to know where i can download it. if u cant tell it here, u can pm me... i am using vista at present. so only compatible softwares needed pls....
  17. nikhil ramteke

    How to convert mp3 to mp4 using winamp?

    Can someone tell me how to convert mp3 to mp4 using winamp?
  18. Gigacore

    WinAMP for Linux!

    Atlast i installed Winamp for my Ubuntu Check it out
  19. S

    buzz in winamp

    i have a problem with winamp. while resuming playback from pause i get a buzzing sound. i pause the song & play it again it works fine. but why do i get a buzzing sound while resuming playback from a pause in the first attempt. is there any solution to fix this problem.i did everything possible...
  20. esumitkumar

    IS it true ?

    i have heard from a frnd that if u install VISTA ..u cant install any third party softwares like Winamp etc u have to take license of them online ?? IS it true or fake ?
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