1. rajat22

    Winamp 5.35 Build 1305

    Homepage - Download Winamp Lite Freeware - 1.33 MB Download Winamp Full emusic plus - 5.93 MB Download Winamp Full emusic/bundle...
  2. iMav

    Music in the air!!!

    have had this setup at my place for quite some time ... and wanted to share it but kept on postponing it ... however here it is ... This is more of an application of a method already known and posted here ... but with an addon and makes ur pc into a real jukebox at ur finger tips. What it...
  3. rajat22

    Winamp 5.34 Build 1273 - Final

    Homepage - Download Winamp Lite Freeware - 1.33 MB Download Winamp Full emusic plus - 6.44 MB Download Winamp Full emusic/bundle...
  4. Gigacore

    Winamp 5.33 is out!

    Key feauters New! WINAMP REMOTE beta - get your music anywhere New! WINAMP DASHBOARD beta - your daily feeds In2TV - Free episodes of classic TV Rips CDs to MP3 Rips CDs to aacPlus, AAC, WMA Unlimited! 6x 6x Rip to HE-AAC Over 128k! Up to 128k Up to 128k...
  5. iMav

    Set Default action

    as in xp under file types u had the option of changing the default action on double click ... how do do that in vista what i want: *.Mp3 plays in winamp by default i want it to enque in winamp any1??????
  6. The CyberShot

    A WInamp Cheatcode

    Did you know that even Winamp, the world's favorite player has some easter eggs. To invoke this easter egg, you need select the top block of Winamp and enter 'NUL' then press Esc then 'L' then Esc then 'soft' (Basically, you enter NULLSOFT and press ESC after the L's). If you do this correctly...
  7. N

    unknow audio problem

    am having problem wit my audio...i dont have sound when i paly winamp,and youtube videos in web..... this is the error i have when i play winamp... this happened recently..i dont wat the problem..can anybody help me out...
  8. ax3

    Create skins 4 WMP & Winamp ! ! !

    how 2 create skins 4 WMP & Winamp ??? any 1 has tutorial , plz paste the link or post the TUT plz ....... have many idea`s & wanna implement it ............
  9. S

    "digg" Skin For Winamp And Wmplayer

    digg wmp skin download digg winamp skin download
  10. pro

    WINAMP::now play .DAT and MOV files in Winamp!! great!

    hi all, just found out a way to play .dat and .mov file in winamp. trying to find this from a long time because of enhancer dsp for winamp is great for good sound quality. right now i am using winamp 5.32 just check out, this SHOULD work on previous versions. by default winamp can't play these...
  11. rajat22

    Winamp 5.33 Build 1100 - Final

    Homepage - Download Winamp Lite Freeware - 1.33 MB Download Winamp Standard Freeware - 4.11 MB (with all input, dsp, and vis plugins, but no media library)...
  12. Kiran.dks

    RELEASE UPDATE: Winamp 5.33 Finally Released!!

    WINAMP 5.33 RELEASED A Popular Media Player from Nullsoft Finally Beta Stage has ended and now Winamp 5.33 is released. They have fixed loads of bugs. These are listed below: UPDATES IN WINAMP 5.33: * Improved: [gen_ml] unicode tree item title support * Improved: [NDE] speed...
  13. ayushman9

    How To enable Winamp 5 & wmp 11 above to show album art

    I use winamp 5 for listening to music . After a lot of backburning and time i am able to organize and tag the mp3 files . I prefer winamp to wmp 11 due to its faster processing time in old computer but it only plays the music in old way without showing the album art and shows the album/artist...
  14. pro

    enable winamp smooth playback by buffering

    hi everyone there is a setting of winamp which lets it play files smoothly while changing from one track to another. NO its NOT crossfading, its buffering. on winamp>preferences>plugins>output select waveout and hit "configure" button below now change the "buffer ahead on track change" to...
  15. NucleusKore

    Software mp3 player for Razr V3

    Hi I bought a Motorola Razr V3 with a hutch connection. I want to know if there is any mp3 player software like winamp which I can install and play mp3 on the phone.
  16. S

    Winamp Troubles..???

  17. chitvan

    how can i see lyric during playing song in winamp?

    how can i see lyric during playing song in winamp? i can do it in jetaudio.
  18. S

    winamp ipod plugin problem?

    i recently got a new 80gb video ipod.i used winamp 5.32 ipod plugin ml_ipod v2.00 to sync my songs but it does not show my ipod in the devices section of the media library.the inbuilt plugin pmp_ipod recognizes my ipod as an usb device and merely copies the songs which my ipod does not show...
  19. Cool G5

    Winamp plugins needed

    Can anyone please list some great winamp plugins.
  20. PrinceHeart

    SW: WinAmp v5.3.2 Released

    WinAmp v5.3.2 ============ Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows. Winamp supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom appearances called skins, plus audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. Latest...
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