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1. I want to clean my optical drive. Could you give me guidance as to where I can find links to workshop which shows me how to clean my optical drive in detail.

2. I have Windows XP PRO. I have 3 user accounts on my desktop. Myself my wife and my daughter. I had some video clips on my hard drive. I played only one video clip on windows media player. I had no issues. My nephew came the other day and downloaded some songs for my daughter on her user account. Then whenever I switched user accounts from hers to mine and shut down the system it would warn me there is another user using the programme.
Then one day I installed winamp. I was able to use winamp too. Then I downloaded songs from an old cd of mine on the hdd in my user account.but till date I have not been able to play any songs on either wmp, winamp, or vlc player. I did not understand the theory behind this. And whenever I put off the computer I got the same message.Programme is being used by another user. I uninstalled winamp but still I am unable to play any music. I tried wmp. the moment I double click the music file in wmp the video clipping starts. Please help.

3. I have a programme which I want to uninstall. But its not listed in the add remove programme. How do I uninstall the programme.

4. I have to send many photographs to send over the do i send so many photographs without destroying the colour and the takes 10 to 20 minutes to attach 1 you can imagine how time consuming it is.can you recomend free software which has all functions like cropping and compressing without changing colour of the photographs.Please help.

5. Whenever I format my hard drive, I have to install my XP PRO OS and Drives from two different CD’s .Is it possible to install the OS and Drivers software from 1 CD instead of 2 CD’s. Also I have another problem. I also have pinnacle TV tuner card installed. But when I installed the software which I came along with the card i did not get the driver. So as a result I could not watch my tv shows on my computer. I had to ask my technician who comes to repair my computer. He borrowed the driver CD from another customer of his and installed it for me.That is on another CD. I went to the Pinnacle website, but in the drivers section no drivers which are compatible were found compatible So I have to install software from 3 CD’s. so instead can I install all three softwares from one cd which will be done automatically. Could anyone help me
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1. Google
2. Scan your PC using AVAST/AVG and Spybot S&D
3. Use tuneup utilities or System Mechanic or delete the Program files & Registry entries manually
4. Irfanview
5. Use nLite to integrate your drivers with your XP Installation.


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:) 1. Regarding workshop on optical drive cleaning. I am a new comer in this field and I know nothing . I
tried google but could not find a proper workshop with pictures or slides shows showing me how to clean optical drives.I have got a lite on 20AIP dvd writer. do you have any links to suggest.

2. Right from day one i am am scanning my system with antivirus and anti spyware but so far nothing has changed. I am still not able to listen to music in my user id.

3. I have used system mechanic in the past.but it has not helped me in any way.

4. I have heard of irfan view. Could any one show me how to do it

5. what is Use nLite to integrate your drivers with your XP Installation. how is it done and what is nlite.


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^Use Picasa instead of irfan view, you can select the images you want to mail and picasa will give you options of cropping/resizing them.


2 In which format are the songs.Try to convert it into MP3 or WMA.
3 Download CCleaner a freeware.If it also does not show the program just go to the program files and delete the folder containing the program. Run ccleaner registry cleaner to remove registry entries. Back up registry before that.
4 Better way to send is to upload the pics in a zip file in a site like rapidshare and send the link to the recepient.
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