How to Play Winamp Within Winamp

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First of all - you need winamp version and Bento or Big Bento Skin activated
for this hack to work. I haven’t tested it other winamp releases.
Please test with version prior to 5.5 and let me know.

Download AjaxAMP plugin from or

Download the zip archive, unzip it & copy & paste the containing .dll file (eg. gen_AjaxAMP.dll) into your winamp’s plugin folder
usually C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins.

Now open winamp & choose view > web browser or press Alt+X.
This will show you the winamp web browser. On the address field type: & click on the go button or press enter.

Voila! This will open a web based interface of winamp within winamp :D

Software Version : Winamp 5.52 Full not the pro :D, AjaxAMP v3.1, Winxp Sp3 RC2.

Note : Performance may be sluggish with this trick though I am not sure.
If your winamp is not responding but you can hear music right click outside
of winamp on the desktop & choose refresh or else minimize winamp window.


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gud that u posted the tut...but can ne1 tell me , is it worth it ? wats the fun of playing winamp in winamp ? :confused:


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You can take it like a hack - ( as like you visually change windows with reshack just for thrill & fun & for try something new.

Turn on your computer on @ home. Open winamp & keep it running. Create a playlist of your favorite songs.

Install winamp on any other remote computer & change the ip address with your home computers ip address ( provided that has an inet connection ). Then the fun begins.

Sure you can do that from any browser as blackpearl has already posted a tute about this.

But playing winamp without any browser from within winamp is more visually appealing i think.
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Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
hmmmm ..... sounds interesting .... thanx will try this ......
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