1. G

    Lan connection between winXP and win7

    Hello digit! My uncle has ethernet connected to a desktop with winXP. He recently bought a laptop which has win7 installed. He wants to connect the laptop to the internet to. The fact is I have no idea how to set up a lan connection in winXP over a modem, recently learned doing so in win7. I...
  2. Tech.Masti

    is it possible to access 2nd OS in dual boot system, when under 1st OS?

    Suppose, i have 2 partition.... C: and D: drive..... Dual Boot..... Win XP installed on C: drive, Win7 installed on D: drive.... I am now logged in Windows XP..... i want to access Windows 7 installation now. Is is possible? is there any way to access/use Win7 installation of D: drive...
  3. patkim

    Multi boot issue

    I have 2 HDDs, one having XP (primarily used) and another now has Win7. Currently I have set Win7 HDD as first in boot order and Easy BCD installed on the same and configured so that it loads XP as default OS. With Easy BCD installed, now XP won’t boot on its own if I select that HDD in boot...
  4. Pratik Pawar

    Ubuntu 14.04 Install Problems..

    Hii all, I Use a dual boot system, with Win7 & Ubuntu, previously I had a good Ubuntu 13.04 installed, but removed it for the LTS ver. of 14.04 now when I got the setup in digit June 2014, I Installed it in Win7 as a software, in another drive, but when I restart my PC selecting Ubuntu I get...
  5. S

    Dual boot win7 on preinstalled win8

    hi I have win8 as a default os and I want to install win7 on it and dual boot. Will it give an dual boot menu or not I am having uefi bios and GPT partition and I will be installing win7 x64 so will it give a dual boot menu or not if i install win7 on it.
  6. hareesh

    Help with Admin account in Win7

    hi all, I am having Win7 with sole admin account which was working absolutely fine.Recently I opened a guest account with some parental restrictions for child to play in the system. Now I feel , I went a bit overboard and tweaked the system attributes for accessing all the drives. Now I am...
  7. V

    Clone OS from HDD to SSD

    I got a SSD last month. Installed win7 and left 48GB space to clone my existing Win XP SP3 onto second partition on SSD so that i can have win7 and xp on SSD. Today when i used Macrium Reflect to do that, I get a warning (see attachment) about disk geometry with 2 options. Which one to select...
  8. patkim

    microSD card is read thru USB but fails thru SD Slot

    I have a 4 gb Sandisk microSD card. It gets read on my desktop with XP as well as on laptop with Win7 when used with a USB card reader. Even thru a microSD to SD adapter put inside USB Card reader it’s read properly by XP as well as Win7. Inserting directly into the SD card slot on laptop...
  9. R

    Win 7 default backup software error

    I had made an image backup with Macrium Reflect Free edition of my Win7 on another HDD (40 GB of WD) which was regularly connected to my 1TB HDD (seagate). 2 days back when I started my PC it showed me bootmgr is missing and asked me to restart the PC. Then I tried to copy the bootmgr file...
  10. A

    Firefox hangs

    Firefox hangs and freezes the moment i start it. I have reinstalled it but still it freezes. I removed the antivirus (avira) and firewall (comodo) but no change. Can't even enter safe mode it hangs. Screenshots: and os win7 x64, amd fx 8350m 8gb ram, firefox version 20 Please help.. :(
  11. shreymittal

    Windows 7 activation problem.

    Hey guys i ve bought win 7 home basic for my pc in mid 2011 but now my pc is not accepting the key and keep showing error "please enter another key" please i can't activate my win7 Help Needed.
  12. R

    Win 7 user log in problem

    Hi friends, I had recently installed win7 after removing one Win7 as suggested by senior members in my earlier question wherein I was getting error “bootmgr missing”. Now I installed Win 7 ultimate and tried to update it via wsus software for doing offline update of my Win7. Wsus asked me...
  13. curioustechy

    ubuntu not booting up

    I've been using ubuntu 11.10 with both kde and gnome desktop environments and was trying to install (not physical) one of my old pci dialup modems to enable me to fax from my computer without a dedicated fax machine...(...
  14. R

    Error deleting / formating 2nd HDD

    I have 2 HDD on my PC. One is 1GB and another is 40 GB. My 1st problem is that I am not able to format the 40 GB drive but I can access it via one OS (win7 home). My 2nd problem is that I am not able to access that 40GB HDD via my other OS (Win 7 Ultimate) Pls help...
  15. cacklebolt

    Teaching computers to Grandpa ?

    My Aunt gave me a notebook and i dualbooted Ubuntu and Win7 on it. I want to teach my grandpa to use ubuntu. Since my Win7 license expired, I use ubuntu mainly. i want to teach my grandfather about computers. The very basics like What is an OS and simple functions like Emails, movies, music...
  16. curioustechy

    16gb sony pendrive not detected in win7

    Of late i bought a 16gb sony pen drive (model: USM16GM/GC2 IN 31300356). It worked fine with my office computer running win7 and ubuntu 11.10 (runs fine in both os). My home pc is loaded with win7, winxp & ubuntu 11.10 - here the pen drive is detected in xp and ubuntu; but when i plug the pen...
  17. ramakanta

    Remove 3G modem in Win7

    I have Huawei 3G modem. after disconnected internet , i want to remove my modem . but i couldn't remove it. this problem faced only Win7. in case win XP it perfectly removed. please help me how to resolve this problem. thank you. *
  18. curioustechy

    'Windows fax and scan' in ubuntu 11.10

    Hi friends i would like to know is there something equivalent to 'windows fax and scan' facility available in win7.? My intention is to fax without a fax machine
  19. curioustechy

    old internal dial up modem

    Once upon a time i was using dial up internet connection by means of an internal modem in my desktop pc loaded with winxp.... In course of time i upgraded my pc and presently i'm using a broadband internet connection by means of an external wifi modem in my win7 os... I want to setup a faxing...
  20. A

    Need for suggestions for laptop

    Hi Guys, i need you suggestion for a laptop with configuration as of below: Ram : 4GB Hardisk : 320/500 GB Graphics : 1 GB card processor : Core I3 I have shortlisted some of the below laptops as well: HP Pavilion G6-1200TX Laptop (2nd Gen Ci3/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win7 HB/ 1GB Graph) HP...
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