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I have 2 HDDs, one having XP (primarily used) and another now has Win7. Currently I have set Win7 HDD as first in boot order and Easy BCD installed on the same and configured so that it loads XP as default OS.

With Easy BCD installed, now XP won’t boot on its own if I select that HDD in boot order. No message on screen, just an endless bilking curser.

When Win7 was installed XP HDD was physically disconnected so I believe no question of boot loader/MBR getting overwritten etc.
As long as Easy BCD takes control (Win 7 HDD first in boot order) it’s just fine, it boots xp as default and I can also boot into Win7 if needed.

Is this usual behavior or do I need to do some fix, either repair XP / boot etc. Basically XP should also be able to boot on its own.
Pl suggest. Thanks.


You should not fondle with computers when it's working fine! you broke it and you have to buy new one now. :lol:

why use Easy BCD? set 1st HDD in bios when you want to boot into XP and 2nd when windows 7 ?

manually edit the both OS's boot.ini file and make it simple.
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