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hi all, my PC crashed a few days back (which i also posted here, but got no suggestions) so after trying out a few things on my own i decided to format n reinstall. when i did that i ws able to format and copy installation files to the pc but when windows restarts for the actual installation i get this BSOD!!! now i dunno wht more to do!!! how can i revive my PC, is the Hard disk toast? any help is welcome and deeply appreciated. thanx...


hhhmm.... may be ur hard disk is toasted or ur ram. check it out, by connecting any other ram or hard disk to ur pc. u can also check whether both of them are correctly connected to motherboard or not??
This can come if there is a resource conflict between the boot controller and another controller or between SCSI devices.
Try updating ur bios . Do give details of hardware and os with sp. If possible, plz post dump file of the bsod here.
Assuming XP: goto My Computer>Properties and goto startup and recovery>settings in advanced tab. then put a check on "write an event log" and in section "write debugging info" change fisrt one to "Small 64KB file". After the BSOD comes again, access the file from system32 folder and post it here. you can also change the dump directory to ur choice as well.
Also, Try this :-
- On start up, enter BIOS
- Expand the "Drives" section and go to "SATA"
- Change this from "RAID Auto/AHCI" to "RAID Auto/ATA"
See if that works !!
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