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Hi guys...

3 days back i got my Boradband 1350 UL dataone..

i found that the speed reach 60-63 KBPS on DAP .. ( it took 13.3 MB file a mere 3.30 minutes... )

but on the other hand.. torrents speed is really bad.. i get around 50KBPS only...

i have tried all the tricks..


i just want to use all the bandwidth..

tell me some nice HTTP downloads ..

and wht are FTP downloads ...??

if you cant say it on the thread.. pls PM me...

and tell me some nice HTTP sites to download..... you know wht...i would downlaod.. :-D


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Search google for "Free Download" and Google blog with same query.

U'l get enough. And, yeah, get a good antivirus s/w, firewall, antimalware, antispyware etc...

In this process u'l get some links which will have FTP address, there are many people who creates an FTP service in their PC and places Files in the FTP specific folder. D/L speed is comparatively slow and doesn't support (I guees) D/L managers.

Do try ur Torrent more. I've 384Kbps connection, even I get more than 50KBps most of the time.


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The best place to find http/ftp downloads, if from the official site of the software vendor. Locking this thread, cause any answer apart from the one i gave would be considered illegal.
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