1. pritamk

    new phone

    i am thinking about buying a new android or blackberry phone My budget is 20 k Which phone would give better experience for watching movies and TV series?
  2. J

    HD/full HD doubt

    Hi, Now a days we talk a lot abt HD and FULL HD TV. I have TATA SKY which offers only about 5-6 HD channels. Then is it worth to purchase full HD expensive sets for watching only few HD channels? I am also tempted to purchase full HD tv rather than HD or SD. Whats view of other members?
  3. M

    Help!! Planning to buy an all in one pc.

    HI GUYS, I am planning to buy an all in one pc within the 10th of this month, and i think to go for Lenovo Ideacentre A700. Will it be a good buy, considering the price and the specifications or should i go for any other option? if yes then please suggest. My requirements are gaming and...
  4. A


    I want to buy a cellphone between 6000-7000k.I am a bit confused between nokia 5233 & samsung wave 525.I will mostly use the phone for watching videos & of course! internet.Will the wave 525 get a Bada 2.0 update?
  5. Zangetsu

    Recommend Blu-Ray Movies Collection

    Hi :wave: all, Suggest the list of movies that are worth watching in Full-HD. Note:worthless movies(for HD) are not allowed :grin:
  6. V

    5.1 Speakers under 8K

    Please suggest me a good 5.1 speaker system under 8K... I will be using it for watching movies..
  7. mithun_mrg

    Watching H.264 videos using DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA)

    Guys Here is the complete guide on how to play HD 1080p videos at minimal cpu utilization includes seperate guides for NVIDIA, ATI & ALSO INTEL Watching H.264 videos using DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) >> My collection of short anime reviews
  8. E

    headphones under 1.5k

    hello guys i need a headphone under 1.5k.this headphone will be used for listening to music and watching movies(secondary).it should have high bass and good clarity.i listen to different genres.thanks
  9. TheMost

    Dub my HDmovies

    Hey ... I usually have the habit of watching movies in HD and hate watching the last grade quality ... I have a few movies in my native language and i too have the same movies in HD version .. Is there any way i can extract the audio from that piece of crap and mux it with that HD ...
  10. arunks

    Plz Help me to finalize out of already selected laptop models

    i have selected these models hp dv6-6016tx, dv6-3225tx, 6006tu, dm4 1204tu dell inspiron 14r or 15r range is 40-42K purpose is average for a simple user for watching movies, internet and office relarted work.. please suggest which one shuld be finally selected (preferably HP)???
  11. masterkd

    Which DTH.

    I need to take a DTH connection in my pc with screen resolution 1440*900 (will change to a full HD monitor within this year). After going through the websites videocon seems to be most promising to me, next comes tatasky, reliance and dishtv packages are no good to me. I'll be mainly watching...
  12. M

    Problem with video color

    Hi guys. I just want to ask something about my monitor. Every time I watch a movie, the screen flickers and the color just turns black and white. Like I am watching a prehistoric movie! No color at all. Does it have something to do with the video cable or with the player or with the monitor itself?
  13. A

    LED MONITOR 22inch

    pls suggest a good led monitor 22inch with full hd resolution under 10000/- rs.......asap!!!!!!.... priorities...gaming(new releases), watching brrips, surfing, reading, maya, photoshop, etc
  14. S

    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Before you jump the gun and starting bashing me on starting this thread when a TV shows thread already existed, let me clear some things up. The 'TV Shows Recommended by Digitans' thread was kind of old and contained discussions about relatively old TV shows. Most of the members who posted there...
  15. papul1993

    Want to buy 24 inch HD monitor

    Hi, I am currently using a Dell 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor. I would like to upgrade to a bigger and better monitor. I don't know much when it comes to buying monitor as I haven't been keeping track of this market. Please suggest a good 24 inch monitor within 13k budget. I will be using it...
  16. adithestar

    Suggest a 20" - 22" LCD

    Heyy guys, i need an LCD display (20" - 22") mostly for watching HD movies,, my budget is 10k,, thnkss
  17. K

    New PC for under 20k

    my computer stopped working early this morning its 6-7 years old and its about time i got a new one have a new monitor/keyboard/mouse and dvdwriter needed to get a mobo/processor/ram/hdd/psu and a cabinet dont use it for gaming, surfing , watching videos and other basic stuff budget ...
  18. K

    pc with in hyderabad..ctc..vry urgent

    Can I have any suggestions from our experts to build a pc in 80 k... i need configurations from both intel and amd...... i need it for high end gaming, watching hd tv, working on .maya, converting from 3d to 4d.......etc i need them in hyderabad only.....
  19. M

    New System for 35k

    Hi, My friend wants to buy a PC for 35k.Hes not much into gaming as he has a Playstation for that. He will be using the system for watching movies and just everyday use and casual gaming.Whats the best Configuration in his budget(including monitor and other peripherals.) Thanks in advance
  20. A

    Pls help me to plan my new rig config

    Hi my learned friends, Planning to purchase a new system .I sincerely need your suggestions. Usage : Main usage is watching movies,CD burning & net surfing. Do I need a GPU for watching HD movies?no sure pls suggest. I wont OC and no gaming also (too old for that!!!):oops: I have...
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