1. F

    ZEB-L2012 external tv tuner to cpu

    hi all , Bought ZEB-L2012 and don't know how to connect with cpu for watching tv and doing work in computer. what is pip mode ? and how this hardware will help in both watching Tv and browsing net . I already have internal tv tuner card and was using that , now the cable tv operator asked...
  2. vanpr7

    Over-the-ear headphones under 1.5k

    Need to buy a good pair of headphones for under 1500 INR. Will be basically using it with either the laptop or phone for listening to music and watching videos. Also it should be without a mic as it wont be needed. Thanks in advance for your replies guys. :).
  3. R

    need good monitor for playing games and watching movies

    hi friends, i need a good monitor for playing games and watching movies. my system configuration is as follows. mobo-----asrock z77 fatal1ty professional cpu-----i5-3570k cabinet---corsair carbide 400r hdd----seagate barracuda 1tb ram----corsair vengeance 4gb kindly reply...
  4. Sam22

    Feeling Headache after watching 3D movie in Sony HX850

    Hello all, I was watching avatar in 3D this eve and thought to enjoy the christmas holiday enjoying the first 3D movie on my HX850 but that all became up to be complete mess for me. Hardly just after 20-25 minutes, the movie started i start feeling the Headache and I was unable to watch after...
  5. S

    IPAD 4th Generation or Nexus 10 ???

    Hi Guys, I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and am planning to buy a tablet (Wifi only). The main uses of the tablet are going to be: 1. Watching HD Movies 2. Watching TV Shows 3. Playing HD Games 4. Browsing the web and streaming online videos. While watching movies, TV shows or streaming...
  6. N

    Best Tablet for watching Videos

    I am planning to buy a tablet for watching videos. My budget is Rs 6000 but can go up if the quality is good. 7 inch will be small for me. So I am looking at 9 or 10 inch.
  7. S

    Netbook within 15-20k...

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a netbook with 15-20k within this diwali. I need the netbook for three main reasons: 1. Browsing and surfing the internet which would involve watching online videos, video calling etc. 2. Watching movies 3. Working on MS Office. I am totally new to netbooks so...
  8. A

    Why Television failed to become smart?

    Its a question thats often puzzles me, we see all gadgets around us becoming smarter, be it the phone, digital camera, music players, tablets etc- the features, the controls, the freedom, the capabilities are increasing manifold . When i realized the way we can control entertainment while doing...
  9. Arnab boss

    need a 5.1 ch speakers for this rig..!!

    hi guys... i hav been using creative inspire 5.1 ch for 4 i need to get a new one in its place....!!! my budget is arnd 8k but can stress max 10k....use will b mainly gaming watching movies and all kinds of music...!! wiil b buying nxt week and also wont change it...
  10. K

    need help

    i want to buy a laptop under 30k. for watching hd movies which one is the best. please suggest.
  11. L

    computer shuts down on watching internet video

    Recently i changed my motherboard , although now my computer works normally but on watching internet videos after sometime my computer shuts down. on restart a message flashes on start up (black screen) ."thermal processor trip press any key to continue ".on pressing any key the computer...
  12. K

    olympics in 3D

    Is watching the Olympics in 3D a good Idea?
  13. F

    Opinion about Samsung NP300E5Z-S0AIN

    Is this model good enough for moderate gaming,movie watching?
  14. S

    New motherboard which supports IDE

    Hi, I want to upgrade my PC. I already have an IDE hard disk and I want to re use that. System will be mainly used for word processing and watching movies. My budget is 8-10k. Please suggest suitable motherboard+CPU. Thanks & Regards, Sandeep
  15. K

    Creative Or F&D

    Confused between These Models creative sbs a520 And F&D F-3000U Speakers Mainly Using For watching Movies Which Is the best buy :)
  16. windchimes

    Need suggestions on two laptops one for 35k,the other under 30k.

    Hi Digitians, I am looking to buy 2 laptops.One for myself and the other one for my elder sister. Case 1: For myself Budget : Around 35k Usage : Document works, Image editing, using Internet, Watching movies, listening songs etc Priorities: Good battery life, Good display,Good...
  17. M

    Suggest a speaker

    Hello guys, Next month i am planning a buy a speakers for my system,my budget is 5k.previously i had altec lansing v2421,basic usage is for watching movies ,please suggest a good speakers friends. and how is logitech z506?
  18. Piyush

    Karnataka ministers caught watching porn in assembly

    In an embarrassment to the BJP Government in Karnataka, two ministers were caught on camera allegedly watching a porn clipping on a mobile phone in the state Assembly during its proceedings. The shocking incident involved minister for cooperation Laxman Savadi, who was watching the...
  19. K

    need a laptop for watching movies,basic use...

    hi every one.,, i am planning to buy a laptop within a week which will be used for routine works like movie watching, document making, editing, music and other basic things. plz guide me to get a nice one... thanks in advance.... General Questions 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)...
  20. J

    Any AGP graphics card

    Well my friend wants to buy an AGP graphics card. The onboard GPU of his motherboard went bad and so he wants to buy an AGP card. This card is not for any gaming, just basic net surfing and watching occasional youtube videos. So any AGP card should suffice his needs. Please help friends.
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