1. R

    tell me an ideal headphone with price for watching DVD movie

    hey ! tell me an ideal headphone with price for watching DVD movie but it should not be a very heavy-weight one .presently I am using a headphone but it sounds toooooooooo low .
  2. G

    mobile you hate most..

    hey ther are many theads like best mobile , your fav mob but which mob you dont like at all.. ??? for my case i hate nokia 6600 .. because it is so general now . people who dont understand anything more those are having it . its main use i see is watching po*n clips and on other side its...
  3. D

    Display Dilemma

    i want to upgrade to a new monitor.i am considering a 19-inch crt but im also impressed by the samsung 17-inch lcd.what i wana know is that can the llcd be used to watvh tv through my frontch tv tuner card FREQUENTLY as i do on my current there any problem in the lcd by watching tv on...
  4. pirates1323

    Help Media player classic error

    Hey now I am using win 98 se with all updates......... But now when I am working in my comp... or watching T.V..... or anything else I get this error....
  5. R

    What is TRP Rating?????????

    What is this TRP rating? :?: I heard many times about TRP , which as per i know popularity rating. But i cant just imagine how they will rate or calculate?? How ill they come to know who is watching , how many of watching...!!! :roll: :idea: Ok about websites, yes I know how we can...
  6. G

    Video settings locked in WMP9 (only for DVD) reqd.

    I am unable to change the video settings or the graphic equalizer settings when watching a DVD using WMP 9. Otherwise it can be easily changed while watching any VCD. Is this common with VOB files or is there any other player which will allow me to manipulate video/sound settings? Any...
  7. Ethan_Hunt

    What is the Essence of THX??

    i was wondering last night what is the actual ThX certified film watching experience be like i know its a standard for sound quality check but plzzz tell me what exactly is its significance cause i have been made to believe that a film or cinema with THX certification is of ultimate sound and...
  8. S

    Tv tunercard: Advise needed

    How is the performance of tuner cards? In rapid moving objects (eg fast running man, karate fighting, or even lip movement while talking fast) do u feel likes frames dropout( or something like that), the movement of picture is not smooth as compared to watching it on TV? DO reply for my buy...
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