1. K

    Amazon Prime Gaming from India

    I have Amazon Prime subscription. I can avail all the Prime services except Prime Gaming. Even after using VPN to US server, I can't access Prime Gaming homepage after login to my Amazon account. But without logging to it, I can see all the offers. Is there any way around to take benifits of...
  2. P

    Vpn suggestions

    Can anyone suggest a free VPN which gives good ping and speed for online gaming PS: steam and cs are blocked on my college network.
  3. B

    April 13 - It’s "National Get a VPN Day" in Australia

    Australia's mandatory data retention scheme comes into effect today, with Internet Service Providers (ISP) expected to retain and store their customers' Internet usage metadata. In response, privacy advocate group Digital Rights Watch has declared this event National Get a VPN Day, vowing to...
  4. K

    FREE VPN for netflix

    hi guys i need to know any reliable free VPN for netflix
  5. K

    BSNL Broadband never ever ban VPN's?

    I connect VPN right after windows start-up. & I download tons of data(sites which are blocked by BSNL). so there is no use of block, then why BSNL leaving VPN unblock & allowing users like me to download data from blocked sites?.
  6. ax3

    Torrenting with or without VPN !!!

    hi, ppl r u torrenting with or without VPN ??? if yes which 1 ??? Thanx
  7. I

    Question on VPN

    Hello. I recently tried the free version of Hotspot Shield VPN and it seems to be working fine. But have some queries(reference to attached photo) 1)NEtwork city : London(Routed internet connection). --- Does this mean one can find if the VPN is active? Say for example my ISP. Will it know i...
  8. ax3

    VPN !!!

    hi, any1 using free VPN & which is the best ??? thanx
  9. TechnoBOY

    Tor and VPN users labeled as criminals will be hacked and spied by FBI under new law

    We had reported a landmark judgement by the United States Supreme Court, which will give FBI powers to hack any computer in the world using a single warrant. The same judgement contains a innocuous para related to Tor and VPN users. The newly approved rule change by the U.S. Supreme Court...
  10. soyab0007

    Free VPN - Opera Browser

    Free VPN - Opera Browser Its a big deal - Opera is now the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you don’t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on...
  11. B

    Sending anonymous emails

    Hi, If a person wants to expose corrupt practices in some government department, then are these sites reliable Anonymouse.org Send Anonymous Email https://anonymousemail.me/ Send Anonymous Emails: 20 Sites To Keep Your Identity Hidden - Hongkiat Send Anonymous Email -...
  12. webdesigncut

    Anyone have experience setting up cactusvpn with bsnl broadband on win 7 ultimate

    hello friends, I am thinking of using cactusvpn and use it with bsnl broadband but i am newbie in using vpn so i want to know if any one has any experience in using thirdparty vpn with bsnl broadband? i would be grateful if anyone can share step by step method ..
  13. Desmond

    Hola VPN company found to turn client computers into botnets.

    Source: Stop using the Hola VPN right now
  14. B

    Use another computer's VPN connected to same network.

    I'll try to be as simple as possible: In my office, we have a 2 mpbs BSNL connection, and we use it over Wifi. Since a lot of people are using it, all of us get very low speeds. There is another BSNL 2 mpbs connection which is a VPN line, which is on the floor below us, and it is connected...
  15. G

    hide.me VPN????

    Hi, recently I've been getting a security msg of sorts, that too from torrent...it tells me to install HIDE.ME VPN to make myself anonymous. it also says it can help with the throttling issue from my ISP (MTS) which also i started having problems with very recently...i've heard that MTS...
  16. rohitshakti2

    Open or Free VPN services for mobiles

    Hi While surfing net I found Free VPN softwares and Open VPN softwares for mobiles and PCs. They claim that we can use internet or 3G for free. Can this be possible and if yes, How? I am using MTNL Delhi Dolphin 3G connection in my Moto E. Regards
  17. D@rekills4

    An Indian VPN?

    Does anybody know a good Indian VPN?
  18. kartikoli

    Sharing a Wifi connection after passing through VPN

    I am using my mobile 3G connection to connect to PC and then I need to start a VPN to get specific country IP. Now If I want to use same country IP connection on my other PC then it connect with India IP This is the procedure I need to follow - Connect mobile 3G to PC (through Wifi or...
  19. patkim

    IP Assignment issue - Router & VPN DHCP

    Recently I setup Softether VPN server on my home desktop PC. While it’s all works fine..one small issue comes up once a while. The desktop PC is wired to my router. Both router and the VPN server have been set to allocate DHCP IP for respective clients. IP reservation is enabled in router as...
  20. B

    Port Forwarding on WiMax (DreamTel Punjab)

    Hello Friends, I need to "Port Forward" on WiMax (DreamTel,Punjab). As they are using WiMAx technology, they wont provide modem just a LAN cable from rooftop device to your PC/WiFi router. It is not possible to access ISP`s WiMax router as it is password protected but i need router access for...
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