April 13 - It’s "National Get a VPN Day" in Australia


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Australia's mandatory data retention scheme comes into effect today, with Internet Service Providers (ISP) expected to retain and store their customers' Internet usage metadata. In response, privacy advocate group Digital Rights Watch has declared this event National Get a VPN Day, vowing to equip citizens with the VPN services they need to avoid surveillance.
In March 2015, Parliament passed laws requiring all ISPs to store customer internet activity. The government gave ISPs until April 13 this year to implement their collection schemes under those obligations. And that date is now upon us.

Australian ISPs and companies are also required to log location data, including where any communications begin and where they terminate. It worth mentioning, that US Congress has recently voted to kill a law that would have stopped Internet Service Providers from selling your web browsing history. Your ISP can now sell your browsing history, personal data and habits to the highest bidder.

Torrentfreak and other media have already mentioned that VPN usage is skyrocketed after new US law and data retention law in Australia.

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So, if you use VPN now - won't it be against law?

What is not against the law? Marvel has copyrights/trademarks of their characters. So, technically you can't use them as a dp without their approval.
P.S. The site which posted this news, its like their 10th mirror. I am sure that it will be blocked soon too.
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