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  1. RCuber

    Private Chat Software

    One of my friend has about 70 members in his organization and many are not in the office network.They They are currently using their personal Yahoo messenger/Gtalk/MSN accounts for official chat. He wants a unified chat service so that only the officials employees are there in the chat. In...
  2. Pearl Groupz

    Need Some Info On VPN..Please

    I just Downloaded a VPN "Hamachi" free version, I want to know what VPN really do ?? through VPN i will be safe from hackerz ?? How can i know Mine VPN is working fine ?? I seen mine ip remains same as before not using VPN.. here is Screenshot of the VPn..See through using Is Mine Net will...
  3. stellar

    VPN Software

    Hi guys, Can anyone have any idea about software similar like Hotspot? This is a VPN IP fixing software, which is great but the problem it is ad ridden. If u logged in with this software ad pops up. I have a DSL and i have to use this software to connect to VPN otherwise i can't log on...
  4. stellar


    I'm using Hotspot from anchor free site which fixes ur IP Address coz my ISP has no fixed ISP no. Is there any software like this one coz this has a pop up which is a bothersome for me. The site i log in is VPN.
  5. Plasma_Snake

    Setting up VPN

    I want to setup a VPN between my system and my friend's system. I've decided to use Hamachi and Ultra VNC Client for this purpose. If there r ne other better tools then suggest. My main aim here is to allow easy File transfer between the two systems. I want to know that the is data transferred...
  6. Batistabomb

    Post all your Networking Related Queries here

    Post all your Networking Related Discussions,Queries here Guys we had no any seperate thread for NETWORKING, as a Networker having CCNA iam going to start this thread,where everyone of us having knowledge of Networking (wired / wireless) can answer to the problems of Computer's LAN / WAN...
  7. nileshgr

    HTTPS, FTP proxy ??

    Now, i have enabled DSL sharing through LAN. For HTTP, i have configured httpd as proxy server. For HTTPS (web based) like google, etc httpd works. But my dad can't use his company's SSL VPN. The VPN service launches a Network Connect App which gives an error. I tried enabling SSL proxy in httpd...
  8. A

    vpn configuration in linux

    can i get vpn configuration steps for redhat 1. vpn server configuration steps 2. vpn client configuration steps
  9. S

    Any One Know Remote Assistance

    Any one know how to provide remote assisstance through vpn using Broadband Connection .Kindly help me how to do that using bsnl Broadband connections
  10. ilugd

    Taking Airtel broadband: Advice on security needed for corporate lan setup

    As I had already posted and based on feedback, i plan to go for airtel 999 plus plan 256 kbps connection. But since my office is connected by vpn to our ho servers, the it guys over there are extremely (sic) concerned about security. I checked with the Airtel tech guys and they said that they...
  11. gauravakaasid

    how to get torrents to work?

    am usin opera as my torrent client. but it doesnt seem to work over a vpn connection.....is thr ne workaround for this?
  12. fanatic

    Windows 2003 Server Troubleshooting

    Dear all, I am in need of some help and support from you guys regarding Windows 2003 Server. My machine was working fine until i installed Cisco VPN Client for accessing wireless internet of my university. As soon as I connected the wireless internet, my machine stopped with a BLUE SCREEN OF...
  13. S

    Can i combine 2 VPN connections together?

    Hello friends, I am using an internet connection via VPN(PPTP) and my line is of 128Kbps. My bro is also using the same connection with same bandwidth and his account works in my PC and vice versa. I want to know whether it is possible to merge both this connection and get...
  14. S

    Connect VPN(PPTP) in SUSE 9.1

    Hey guys. I am using an internet connection via VPN. So plz guide me step by step to connect to the VPN(PPTP) server from my SUSE 9.1 . I have installed the suse 9.1 single CD edition. Also guide me to set up the LAN coz i need to change the IP,GW and DNS after that i have to create a VPN...
  15. D

    VPN betwenn two Reliance connections.

    Dear Techies, I've two XP systems in my premises. Both of them use Reliance Connect for internet. Both r equipped with Reliance freedom plan, so no tension for charges. Both systems always stays connected to Internet. I want to create a vpn connection between them. Can u tell me step by...
  16. P

    In win 2000 pro how can we set that use can only change ip?

    In my office some user have to chage only gateway ip ..!! because for VPN use have to chage gateway IP so how we can set that ..?? only and only ip change right how is it possible?? Thanks
  17. A

    Any idea of VPN

    Hello dudes, Do any of u have idea of VPNs. I m trying to get all relevant info about VPN and all the related compression and encryption utilities associated with it. Can anyone help me with their notes and source codes. Thank you!!
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