Laptop reboots while using VMWare


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so i thought of using my laptop for creating virtual machines . when i create virtual machines using VMWare Workstation v9, my laptop reboots without any warning. this happens after i power on the virtual machine after creating a new machine and after i select the option in the boot menu of the OS .
for example when i use backtrack or bodhilinux , the laptop restarts without any error after the few % of the live boot has been completed that is when the operating system is booting
.P.S. i have been using linux kernel 2.6.x as the configured OS not linux kernel 2.6.x(64bit) as the OS while creating the virtual machine.


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Random shutdowns are the result of over heating. For maximum of the cases.
So check if laptop is not over heating, using CoreTemp or RealTemp.


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^^well look like what i have found on the documents on release of v 9.0.1 of vmware
"When powering on a virtual machine with Binary Translation on a SMEP-capable CPU, Workstation no longer causes the host to reset. If you run Windows 8 hosts on IvyBridge processors, VMware strongly recommends that you update your installation of Workstation"
looks like i need to upgrade the version , and will post the results accordingly.
(pretty sure i had posted this earlier)

yup, it's working perfectly now that i have upgraded the version to 10.0.0. :)
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