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Ok guys this is not a direct head to head pro and cons question. I want the best solution for my needs. I have a pretty basic hardware Core 2 Duo E4700, 4 Gigs DDR2 Ram, Nvidia En 8400Gs..Running with Windows 8.1 And i want run Visual Studio in a virtual machine to code(As it installs a crap load of other stuff while installing so uninstalling it is practically not possible). So that i can just delete the virtual disk if i don't want Visual Studio anymore. I want to know which one Workstation ir Virtual Box will suite me? Will a student license for Workstation be worth for me now or should i go with the Virtual Box now and when i get serious about Virtualization go to Worsktation?


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VMWare is commercial while VirtualBox is free and open source (GNU GPLv2).

Also, VirtualBox is also fully functional as compared to VMWare's trial version, which freezes your VM when the trial period expires. VMWare however has many enterprise grade features in the commercial version, however those features are too excessive for your requirements and not worth the price.

Since you simply want to install and run Visual Studio, VirtualBox is more than enough for you.


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[MENTION=158715]G.Ashwinkumar[/MENTION]: I would recommend you to use Windows Server based OS as its much faster in VM than Win7/8


It would jitter , if you use VMware on that config.
Its more suitable for enterprise grade solution and complex hardware.
At least a Quad Core and 6-8 GB+ ram.
Also it's not a freeware.

An alternate solution will be to install WS based OS on the system and install VS on it. That would save you from the mess on main OS.
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