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(disclaimer: I am not a networking or any certified professional. Kindly answer in easy to understand terms ..)

I needed multiple machines to run old and obsolete software for business purposes, after repeated issues, I got them to migrate to a windows 7 machine running vmware 10, and virtualized the machines.
The problem now is that I have around 4 virtual machines, which sometimes slow the whole system.
1. Base server configuration
CPU intel Core i5 3300
Motherboard : Intel DB75EN
Memory : 24 GB (DDR3, 8GBx3 Transcend)
PSU: Corsair 550 watt
HDD: Western DIGITAL 1Tb disk

Virtual Machines
1. Win 7, 64bit, running SQL db, active 24x 7 (VM with 8 GB ram)
2. Win xp 32bit, Ms access Database with office 2007 (VM with 4gb ram)
3, Win XP 32bit, MS Office - client software for 2nd VM, accessed through remotedesktop (VM with 4GB Ram)
4. Win xp 32bit, time attendance software (sandbox) (VM with 1 gb ram)

My problem is that sometimes the Virtual machines become very slow(randomly), and sometimes they run as if they are not at all virtualised. The host system is bare, win 7 64bit running chrome, teamviewer and Vmware and MS security essentials. at rest the memory usage goes upto 55% physical mempory, and the CPU fan keeps running at full throttle

Is there any way to speed up this configuration? Any tweaks are welcome for this. Am open to buying a new config if it is absolutely necessary.

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Hwmonitor reports CPU temps at a brisk 104-107 Deg F :-(
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