1. P

    Windows 7 icon/thumbnail view setting always changes globally

    In my Windows 7 machine, whenever I switch a folder view setting between icons and thumbnails, the change always affects all folders, including the desktop. I make the change by ticking or unticking the box in Organize -> Folder and search options -> View -> Always show icons, never...
  2. Pratik Pawar

    Gallery app Problem

    My lil sis bought Micromax Unite 3 Q372, 3 months ago, with Android 5.0.2 :mrgreen: since few days, the Gallery app is not working, not even starting, whenever we open it, an error message occurs, all the pics are there, coz the photos app opens, & they can be seen there, what could be the...
  3. TechnoBOY

    Samsung made an even larger Android tablet called Galaxy View with a screen measuring 18.4-inches

    Infographic Illustrates Some Uses Of Samsung's Galaxy View |
  4. M

    Respected Friends, to buy a Router for Tikona with some special specifications

    Respected Friends, Thanks in advance... I'm a tikona user, they have changed my plan without my intimation. I'm not able to login from more than one device now. my last plan enabled me to login from two devices. Now, my query is... I want to purchase a wifi router (i sort-out D-link's three...
  5. aroraanant

    Need to buy a TV to view camera footage in office

    I am getting installing around 16 cameras so I want a TV to view the footage of my factory. I don't know what size would be appropriate but I think 32" would be more than enough. Guys suggest me something cheap and good, a reliable brand which doesn't go off atleast for 5-10yrs as I am not...
  6. N

    CCTV Setup + View over extended LAN/WIFI

    Hi. I am setting a new CCTV Setup with 8 cameras, all night vision bullet type with 900 tvl resolution. I am confused about network function of DVR, so I havent decided on DVR yet. I will need to put dvr in work area. I want to view the cameras at my office, which is 200 meter distance...
  7. Flash

    Gangnam Style music video 'broke' YouTube view limit

    Psy's Gangnam Style music video has been viewed so many times that it obsoleted the view counter of Google-owned YouTube. 9bZkp7q19f0 The music video, which has maintained its overwhelming popularity since it was released by the pop star from South Korea back in 2012, has surpassed...
  8. Anorion

    CERN launches its Open Data Portal with data from real collision events

    you can view the events here, 3d and interactive, so play around CERN Open Data Portal announcement CERN makes public first data of LHC experiments | CERN
  9. Tejo

    SPIGEN Slim Armor View for Indian Version Note III

    I want to buy SPIGEN Slim Armor View for my Note 3. I didn't find it in flipkart or any Indian sites. But I found it in here Galaxy Note 3 Case, Spigen® Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Protective S View Cover [Slim Armor View] [Smooth Black] Automatic Sleep / Awake Dual Layer...
  10. M

    BB-Z10 or XP-ZR?

    I narrowed down two phone priliminary for office use. 1) BB Z10 and 2) XP-SR. Which one should I opt in view of overall performance. I am using BB curve at present.
  11. H

    Google puts all 12 World Cup stadiums, other parts of Brazil in Street View

    Source: The Verge:Google puts all 12 World Cup stadiums, other parts of Brazil in Street View | The Verge
  12. Pravas

    Looking for Nokia 808 Pure View

    Hi everyone, is it possible to get the Nokia 808 pure view? New or Used. I'm in Chennai. I would like to know the price and availability. Thanks
  13. J

    Purchase suggestions for a new Gaming Laptop (75K approx)

    I want to buy a new gaming laptop for approximately Rs. 75000. The configurations I'm looking for are as follows :- Processor : 4th Gen Intel Core™ i7 2.0GHz at least Ram :At least 8GB GPU : NVIDIA 7x Series Minimum of 2GB Memory Display : Full HD Preferred Touchscreen: Not...
  14. reddick

    Android Phone upto Rs. 10K

    Android Phone upto Rs. 12K Hello Friends :) As from the title you may came to know that I want to purchase an Single Sim Android phone with the specified budget. My needs were online activities, playing games often, good music and looks along with the other uses of phone. The phone in my...
  15. ithehappy

    Android for cousin. Budget 15k. Advices?

    My cousin wanna buy an Android device, his budget is 15k. And the good (or bad?) thing is he has kinda third class taste. So he'll buy those garbage brands too, throw in Micromax and all those, even he was saying something about Lemon or something, anyway.... He is one of them who only sees...
  16. S

    Why ImageBam not opening?

    Hello friends, I am not able to view full size images on ImageBam and ImgBox. My ISP is BSNL with IP Address: 117.XXX.XXX.XXX Is there any way to view the images or any browser extension available for google crome?
  17. J

    SSD Performance boost

    How much of a performance boost does an SSD, say Samsung Pro 840 256 GB, provide? Will just the read/write and boot-up/shutdown speeds increase, or will the overall execution speed of programs increase too. I think a naive question but will the performance of say an i3 3220 with the above...
  18. Ayuclack

    [Complaint] Nikon India Service (New Electronic Center Ahmadabad)

    Ok so after lot of researching I finally Purchased Nikon 5200 with Kit Lense ... After 2-3 days with It I was happy but after some time I spotted A Spot in the View Finder It Was A Manufacturing Defect and I Went To Service Center Directly For It , the Service Guy Inspected It And Said It Was A...
  19. W

    Please suggest a Full HDTV!

    Guys, Have gone through some threads and am confused. Need your help in understanding the below. Pardon my ignorance.. Would like to understand what's the difference between the 3D and normal Full HDTV in terms of picture quality. Also if I view normal 2D movies in a 3D tv, any issues? Now...
  20. S

    Unable to view folder on my USB Drive

    I am facing a wierd problem. I had one old usb drive with data which I need to use now. So i connected the pendrive and it show that 1GB space has been used out of 4GB. Upon opening the pendrive it shows empty. I even tried all the DOS commands to view the directories but DOS shows shows 2...
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