Windows 7 icon/thumbnail view setting always changes globally


Cyborg Agent
In my Windows 7 machine, whenever I switch a folder view setting between icons and thumbnails, the change always affects all folders, including the desktop.

I make the change by ticking or unticking the box in Organize -> Folder and search options -> View -> Always show icons, never thumbnails. I do not use the "Apply to Folders" button where there's an option to apply the change to all folders, but the change always happens globally anyway.

How can I avoid this and be able to change the view setting of only single folders? I suppose there's a registry fix for this, but I don't want to mess with the registry unless someone can point me to something that has been tested and worked.


Conversation Architect
Apply the current view settings (such as List, Details, or Large Icons) to all folders on your computer that are the same type as the folder you currently have open. (Documents and Music Details are examples of folder types.)

Do this

In the currently open folder, click Organize in the toolbar, and then click Folder and Search Options.

In Folder Options, click the View tab, and then click Apply to Folders. (To switch these folders back to their default settings, click Reset Folders.)

Change folder views and behavior

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