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CCTV Setup + View over extended LAN/WIFI


Amatur Modder

I am setting a new CCTV Setup with 8 cameras, all night vision bullet type with 900 tvl resolution.

I am confused about network function of DVR, so I havent decided on DVR yet.

I will need to put dvr in work area. I want to view the cameras at my office, which is 200 meter distance from work area.

How can I view the feed on TV/PC at office? I dont think I can shift the dvr at office, becuase of high length of wire for each camera.

I can run a UTP lan wire, but I was advised that the same will not work beyond 80-90 mtrs length.

Kindly suggest the type of DVR I would require, and a cost effective way of viewing cameras at 200 meters length.


Broken In
in case of viewing feeds in TV guess you can use 3plus1 cable and a pair of BNC to AV converters depends output of your DVR like Y(Video)/ BNC video out


most of the DVR's have remote access function. you set a static IP in DVR and enter that IP from any public PC connected to Internet and you can view.

Hikvision DVR's doesn't require Static IP they have their own domain setup that let you setup remote access. it's pretty easy just follow the wizard no particular knowledge is require.
Hikvision also have Android Apps for mobile viewing.


Sony " VA" "IO"
+100 for hikvision, own 3 dvr's . (ds7216-hwi-sh, ds7208-hwi-sh, ds7208-hghi-sh)
running 24x7 non stop.
remote viewing by a 3g router(bsnl speed sucks :()

i recommend you to buy the ds7200-hghi-sh series as they record in 720p HD

have you bought the cameras?
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