Purchase suggestions for a new Gaming Laptop (75K approx)


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I want to buy a new gaming laptop for approximately Rs. 75000. The configurations I'm looking for are as follows :-

Processor : 4th Gen Intel Core™ i7 2.0GHz at least

Ram :At least 8GB

GPU : NVIDIA 7x Series Minimum of 2GB Memory

Display : Full HD Preferred

Touchscreen: Not Necessary

I have shortlisted the following laptops:

  • Lenovo Ideapad Y510p View Here
  • HP ENVY 15-j133tx View Here
  • Dell Inspiron 15 7000 View Here

Which one of these three should I go for? Also, is there any other option I should look into?

Just out of curiosity, what is the retail price of the Razer Blade/ Razer Blade Pro in India? How does one buy it online?


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Razer does not sell laptops in India. You'll have to import one and it'll cost nearly 2 lakhs.


Jarvis1905 :- I also searching same lappy but getting only and only Lenovo Y or Z 510.. Looks like motorisingg in mobile section.....


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I wouldn't advise going in for HP.

- its a 750m DDR3 in HP vs a real DDR5 755m in lenovo (not really sure if HP one is a 755 too)
- glossy screen in HP? well its a WEDGE screen in lenovo; its not a full matte screen but yea..better than pure glossy

As for Dell:-D.. I've Inspiron 14R N4010 with an accidental cover of 3 years.
which just expired this march...trust me their so called "after sales service" is horrible.
I live in the NCR and then again my case of an LCD replacement was escalated 10x and I've got 5x replacements for the screen(red pixels/white patches/dim lighting in replacements too), 1x touchpad, 1x bottom base, 1x speakers...(as far as I remember).

I have replaced the HDD myself as all these years of dell service I don't "trust" them anymore with their "refurbished" replacement parts policy/usage so a refurbished HDD is a strict no:-x

But the machine is still allrigh..

I'll be waiting for MSI to launch in India (looking for a powerful machine around the same budget); which will happen by June/end of June. I am holding out just for MSI's launch as importing literally any laptop from abroad won't give you warranty (except b/w these 2 lenovo does offer but on certain models; then again lenovo's service... :| )..so an MSI purchased locally should suffice. Total VFM!

so..for me its b/w Lenovo and MSI (for now) :-D
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