1. Pratik Pawar

    Ubuntu 14.04 Install Problems..

    Hii all, I Use a dual boot system, with Win7 & Ubuntu, previously I had a good Ubuntu 13.04 installed, but removed it for the LTS ver. of 14.04 now when I got the setup in digit June 2014, I Installed it in Win7 as a software, in another drive, but when I restart my PC selecting Ubuntu I get...
  2. Pratik Pawar

    Query of 3 games.. :P

    Friends, I hav doubts abt 3 games & their PC version.. 1. the latest NFS version was NFS Rivals last year, any news abt any newer ver. dis yr, nxt yr.? 2. the FIFA world cup 2014 game by EA sports, its pc ver. is not der ryt? any idea is it comin later sometimes.? 3. any Idea, abt any PC ver...
  3. true_lies

    c2q temp difference

    i have my intel c2q q6600 clocked currently @2.7 GHz. previously i used to check my temps with Real Temp GT (ver 3.7). The idle temps remained between 55 and 60 C during the summers without A/C. I was looking to overclock it further to @3 GHz. Recently i installed SpeedFan (ver 4.49) as well...
  4. reddick

    PSP Games on Android Phone

    Hi Guys! I've read somewhere tht some selective titles of PSP or PSP Vita can b played on Android Phone. Is it true? If yes, then what is the procedure and how can we do that :?: BTW I have 'Sony Xperia U' on Ver. 4.0.4 Thanks Anyways :)
  5. reddick

    Using phone as modem : Trial ver. of PdaNet

    Hi Guys! I've installed PdaNet in my HTC Explorer n in Laptop 20 or 25 days ago. N I surf net via phone on my lappy hasselfree. But today when I try to open any site , PdaNet on Laptop shows message tht,"Secure web sites will b blocked in trial ver. Buy d full ver." N then I'm not able to...
  6. khmadhu

    require Laptop for 50k with custom spec..

    Hi My friend is looking for laptop with below custom spec: preferred brand: Dell, Acer,ASUS,HP Budget 50k purpose: CAD/CAM (mechanical design), and general purpose 14'' HD LED Sceeen 4 GB Ram DDR3 1333mhz 2nd gen i5 processor 3 MB cache memory >320GB HDD, 7200 RPM Graphics card: good one...
  7. R

    AVG Update ??

    We get updatess in the Digit DVDs. Can anyone plz tell me how to use the update provided for AVG, for eg in the Feb 09 DVD. I could not find such update provision in Ver 8 of AVG Anti Virus software.
  8. R

    Want to buy GTA4

    ok...ive been using the **** ver and now im ready to buy a genuine one!i believe its totally worth it. jst few Q's before that. -First of all any idea if PlanetM or Music World sells them? -i heard even the genuine DVD's have this true? -ill be able to use my save games with the...
  9. J

    openSUSE Linux latest (11.1) DVD

    I had installed ver 11 of the openSUSE Linux OS (came with Digit magz). Now I would like to install/upgrade to the recently-released ver 11.1 (see * But I do not have Net connection fast enough & 8 pm to 8 am (earlier free) is now chargeable (Tata Indicom ADSL). Is...
  10. S

    Virtual Box upgrade from version 1.5.51 to 2.0.4

    Hi All, I am getting error(pls see attacment) after upgrading the Virtual Box ver 1.5.51 to ver 2.0.4. I first uninstalled the ver 1.5.51 then installed ver 2.0.4. OS is Windows Storage Server 2003 with SP2 32 bit edition. Need Help. Thanks Subhashish
  11. A

    Opening email attachments with Symantec

    Hi Friends! This is my first post and i'm looking forward to some active interaction! My query is as follows : My office email is configured on Netscape ver 7.1 and recently i had installed on my computer Symantec ver Since then, I am having a problem opening MS-Word and...
  12. quad_master

    Thief:the dark project - installation problem

    Hi guys… Last weekend I decide to try some old but beautiful games…I download the ‘Thief: the dark project’ game…but when I try to install it then…oops…it gives me some directX compatibility problem :( winxp sp2 runs in my system…directX ver is 9c…plzzzz help me to troubleshoot this…I heard...
  13. T

    n73 me new firmware

    * i am not able to get it mine is stuck at the earlier ver. somewhere i heard that this new fw has been withdrawn by nokia. what's ur status?
  14. N

    Older Version of mcorelib.dll,How Can I Get?

    I want mcorelib.dll file with version/assembly . But now on net new ver 1.2 is available ? How can i get older file ? does anyone have it ? if yes pls upload..
  15. Faun

    UniSmilies - Firefox Extension

    Get the smilies on people. Here is the Third version of UniSmilies (simple smiley extesion for firefox). Screen Shots: Download updated version 1.12.20 from here: UniSmilies 1.12.20.xpi Size: 557KB How to Use: Click on the UniSmilies menubutton at the bottom-right side of...
  16. Zeeshan Quireshi

    Xbox 360 NTSC-J or PAL

    Guys , i'm finally gonna buy an Xbox 360 , but i really can't decide whether i should go for an NTSC-J ver or PAL ver . Also how to tell whether a game(original) is Region Free from the Box ?
  17. Dark Star

    Compiz Fusion Guide on Ubuntu 7.04

    Here is a guide for all those peeps who are willing to install Compiz Fuison on Ubuntu. This Guide is based on the latest ver. of Compiz Fusion based on Amarnath Repo. This Repo. COntains the latest ver. of Compiz Fusion which stable then previous ver. and has all the plugins that you need :D...
  18. Ihatemyself

    Securing cell

    hI guys . i have HUAWEI phone with tata indicom 299 connection: Boot :6000p1b102 App: HWC2285MT04 PRL: 9 HW: VER.C BREW VER : Now i want to somehow password protect messages and contacts without locking whole menu.How do i do it?
  19. xbonez

    prob with sidebar in wordpess

    i recently set up a website with wordpress. its all very well except for one small problem. the sidebar doesn't come on the side but rather at the bottom of the page if the site is viewed using older versions of IE. in IE7, all ver. of firefox and opera it comes just fine. pls help as most of my...
  20. 786

    Vista build number cofusion

    can any one tell me the build number of Vista Retail version(not RTM), you can find out by typing " ver " in command
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