1. S

    What is ISV ?

    can any one help me what exactly ISV( Independent Software Vendor) is ?
  2. T

    motherboard dead???

    guys need your help again my motherboard was running well.but one day when i started everthng was ok but there was a display problem monitor was going to stand by mode, cpu fan was running, power led was also ready dvd drive was also running,bt there was no signal on monitor. i took my CPU...
  3. D

    Penetration Testing Vendor

    Hi, I want to know about any cloud based penetration testing services that can be carried out for my web applications. If anyone can help me out in finding a appropriate vendor, that would be appreciated.
  4. B

    Help with NAS Purchase in Pune

    I require a Seagate Blackarmor NAS 440 8TB for my business requirements. Can you please suggest me a good vendor for the same in Pune/Mumbai area ?
  5. abhidev

    Sell cpu

    Hii guys.....I am thinking of selling my old pc components. So if you guys know any vendor or shop based in Mumbai who would buy these components then please let me know. Any contact of that shop or vendor would be helpful.
  6. A

    Best job oriented webmaster certification

    Hi all , can someone help me to find out the best certification course for webmaster ,which helps getting a nice job. What type of certification available i encounter some are vendor specific some are vendor neutral ? Web Professional and webmaster geek friend please guide here. Thanks .
  7. S

    Frequent blowing up of SMPS

    i am having.... foxconn 45cmx series motherboard pentium D 2.8Ghz processor with 2gb ram 2 hdd........ one of 160 gb & other of 320gb intalled(wd) 1 sata sony dvd ram. & A 450 WATT frontech SMPS installed I recently purchased a ATI 4770 graphics card i played Command & Conquer 4 with normal...
  8. LegendKiller

    Q9400 and Intel 45SPg MB-Good Combo?

    I have homed in on the following combo for upgradation of my old rig as per my 20k bugdet.Plz advice Intel Q9400 Processor,Intel 45SG Mboard,DD2 Ram-2gb.... I have Seagate's 160Gb 7200.9 HDD.My vendor is asking me whether its SATA compatible? From my search it tells me it is....any suggestion...
  9. anish_sha

    Urgent Help : MAX Range ROUTER

    Hi guys.. i am presently using DATAONE internet service and i am using the type-2 modem(UTStarcom) given by BSNL on rental basis; im not at all happy with its performance .. im not even getting 10 m range with one wall in between... so im planning to buy a wifi router with the MAXIMUM range,mine...
  10. rahulbalmuri

    whats the difference????????

    hey guys i need to know the difference b/w MSI's R4870-T2D1G-OC and PALIT 4870 DuAL SONIC 1 GB......... also which is the best third party vendor to go for......MSI or PALIT or SApPHIRE or XFX what else????????
  11. R

    Online vendor (****.in) - help! cant remember name

    Hi, Recently i came across an online computer vendor. Their site was something like<something>.in. I cant seem to remember it. Can any of u guys please post the entire link if you know!. I tried, but its not one of them. They had a good array...
  12. Disc_Junkie

    lol!! The exaggerating vendors!!!

    My Uncle and I had to return from Guwahati on the 27th of this month. He told that he had to buy a chain and a lock for tying the suitcase with the train chair to save it from being stolen while sleeping. When we reached the station, we saw a vendor selling them. He asked the vendor the price...
  13. R

    COoler master PSU ???

    I need to buy a COOLER master 600 W PSU.. Can someone tell me the INR??? the vendor told me that its around 7800 rs. I just wanted to confirm whether itsright or so....?? Meanwhile COoler master is the best among the PSU 's rite???? If not wat else??? My sys config : Quad core , Intel Classic...
  14. Q

    CPU Overheating

    My CPU was overheating and then i took it to a vendor who repairs it without changing any of the hardwares (as far as i know as i was not charged) ... And now the same thing happens (Overheating again) .. So the answer i am looking for is "What the vendor had done to repair it the first time i...
  15. detonator2359

    HOW to Check Motherboard

    my vendor is sayin my mobo is crashed but i don't think so ... so is there any way to know is my mobo alright or not...?????
  16. Ricky

    Identify genuine battery for acer lappy

    Hi.. As I am going for new acer lappy .. 4530 .. most probably it will be available tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. but there is one glitch.. I first went to Acer Distributor of my Area.. after lots of negotiations he ended up Rs. 31300 well.. not satisfied.. I check various other vendors...
  17. E

    Self clean guide for Nokia 6600

    Hi, I see dust particles under the screen and speaker in my Nokia 6600. Is there any guide on how open this cellphone and clean it up. I know any mobile vendor would do it but just want to do it on my own :)
  18. m-jeri

    [Interest Check For Sale] Desktop PC

    Proc - Intel C2d E6750 2.33 Ghz Mobo - Intel Orginal DP35DP Ram - 1 GB Transcend DDR2 667 AGP - XFX 8600 GT 256 MB HDD - Seagate 250 GB DVD-RW - LG 20x IDE Cabinet - some iball brand and 450w SMPS All purchased last December 2007 so Warranty is available..... Will ONLY sell it...
  19. L

    guidance reqd:Bad DDR RAM

    I had 12 256 mb DDR1 Ram which i gave to a vendor for repairing. the vendor gave me back 9 of them in ok condition. He told he just cleaned them with solution, which made them ok. The solution is whitish in nature and a mixture of some corrosive solution like actone and three other...
  20. M

    the art of cricket

    hey guys and game freaks.... i just gt to knw about a wonderful cricket game called " The Art of Cricket" i want to knw whr can in get it frm>>>?? coz i cud t find it on net anywhre and my cd vendor said no to have heard of any such game..!! thnks in advance manan
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