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  1. krates

    [WTF] Post count not updating ...

    :x:x:x:x:x Why the hell my post count is not updating from past 4 days :x:x:x:x:x
  2. U

    Hardware Troubles

    I just bought an Asus P5Q-e mobo....with 2X 2GB Corsair XMS2 2x4098-6400-C4DHX...with latency 4-4-4-12...however in the bios it shows the default timings as 5-5-5-18. Why is this?...I tried updating the Mobo firmware to no avail....i don't want to overclock the memory...why is the default...
  3. E

    Devil May Cry 3 and Chaos Legion not starting up

    Hello everyone :) I'll try to provide the best description of a problem, because it's quite annoying.. I wanted to play some hack'n'slash so I took my DMC3, installed it - no problems here. I plugged my gamepad and ran the game. It switched to 640x480, black screen, then it turns back to my...
  4. C

    Ubuntu 8.04 not updating

    I noticed that since the past two weeks, my Ubuntu installation isnt updating. Whenever i check for updates, it shows Your System is up-to-date in the Update Manager. Beneath that it states, The package information was updated less than one hour ago. I checked out ftp://ftp.iitm.ac.in/ubuntu/...
  5. C

    FC 9 Extremely Slow System Update.

    Decided to experiment with FC 9 this weekend and installed it on a spare pc. Everything works fine apart from the slow system update. I had left the PC on for the whole of today morning (2am to 8am) to download the updates during the BSNL free time and i find that it hasn't updated. Did some...
  6. jerin3013

    Orkut - Updating,Updating & Updating....

    orkut is becoming more & more interesting.... it is currently updating with lots of applications,themes,and finally corrected the number of friends..
  7. Plasma_Snake

    Firefox Update error

    AUS: Update XML File Malformed (200) This is the error I get whenever I try to update my Firefox and whenever I try to update the Add-Ons it simply says that an error has occurred while updating. I just re-formatted my system and made a fresh install. Help Out!!!:(
  8. M

    n73 dead-doesnt boot

    my n73 music edition has been dead because it occur some problem during updating software and the phone cannot be switching on anymore and no response while switching on. when i continue updating my phone, it failed and the computer do not recognized my device anyone can help me to revive my...
  9. karina_got_it

    error updating firmware in Nokia 5610

    hey i got a new nokia 5610. the current version is v4.2. i want to upgrade it through packet data connection. when i tried it through settings-->phone-->phone updates--->downl.phone.softw.---> packet data i getting strange message like "Unable to download when abroad"
  10. ring_wraith

    My new Blog!

    Hey guys! I have just started my new blog. Just wrote one post and some stuff bout myself, but please do check it out! I will keep updating it. Here it is: http://www.more-than-tech.blogspot.com Please post a comment [here or there] with feedback! It will be much appreciated!
  11. V


    I got a new Dell Optiplex GX620[Pentium D 3.40Ghz,945mboard 1gbram 533MHz] system recently running on windows xp sp2[which came installed on the pc]. Ever since i've been using it, it shows a bsod many -a- times which says IRQL_not_less_than_equal and sometimes page fault in non paged area and...
  12. evewin89

    BIOS UPDATE needed?

    i m having gigabyte 845 Motherboard & since 2 yrs i hav not updated my bios coz actually i dont kno how 2 update it...i m little bit nervous in updating my bios..... can anybody help me in updating my bios without any problems.
  13. Cool Buddy

    LCD resolution not supported

    I bought a 19" viewsonic LCD monitor which has a native resolution of 1440x900. This resolution is not supported by my onboard graphics driver (via/s3g unichrome) even after updating the drivers. Is there any workaround or hack. Would a BIOS update help?
  14. K

    Unable Updation

    Hi Guys, Windows XP Home edition, recently Airtel connection through mobile. Before Airtel connection, I am using BSNL Internet connection through landline. When I update my AVG ANTI-VIRUS FREE EDITION, it says not updating that the server name cannot be converted to the IP address. How to...
  15. ash2win

    Can't update directX9.0b to directX9.0c

    I brought a new system with configration- Intel C2D 4300,1GB DDR2(667)RAM,G965 MB(GA3000),seagate 160GB,WinXP i can't play any new games.it shows i want directX9.0c.When i checked it only has 9.0b.then i try updating it many times,setup completes very fast but DirectX diagnostic tool shows...
  16. tango_cash

    i have firefox 2..0.0.4 and i don't want to update to do i stop it????

    hi i have firefox and i don't want to update to how do i stop firefox from updating. is there any option to disable updates???
  17. sachin_kothari

    µTorrent 1.7 released

    1.7 stable is finally here, after months of development. The biggest changes were full Vista support and the removal of the 65,536 piece limit for torrents. Also added was support for finding local peers (peers on the same LAN) and optionally not having any upload restrictions for them. It...
  18. reddick

    Lost Phone Memory after Updating...Why???

    Recently I updated my N70 firmware to 5.705.3.0.1 via NSU.My phone works fine but whn I checked d phone memory,it's only 14MB left :eek: since it's 19MB free b4 updating process :confused: Where is my 5MB space :?: Anyone tell me how to re-gain it,as less phone memory effects phone's performance...
  19. sav_more

    how should i update ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10 using 6.10 cd.??

    i have ubuntu 6.06 LTS installed. got the iso of 6.10 frm chip mag cd.i have burnt this image on a cd. how do i go about updating without using a net connection. i tried the commands sudo apt-cdrom add sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade but it started downloading...
  20. techtronic

    How many of you update your Windows regularly ?

    Hi Digitians How many of you use Windows Automatic Updates or Auto Patcher or WSUS for updating your XP/2000/2003 Workstations and Servers ?
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