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  1. Manshahia

    Mobile Didnt Got Updated from Nokia Care too

    Hi guys i m having nokia 6630 and yesterday went to Nokia Care Chandigarh for Updating my Firmware which was 5.03.08 but when they gave my mobile to me after updating it was again 5.03.08. But i knw that 6.something is available. Wat sud i do now??? Is there any other Alternative??
  2. P

    Is Updating System Bios Safe ?

    hey is updating system bios safe?? Does it change anything like settings and all..will my laptop work fine if i update bios..
  3. s18000rpm

    Trojan found during Picasa2 online update

    Just a few minutes ago, i turned ON the Google's Picasa2, which showed a Update is available, I pressed OK, & after download completed & started Updating the Picasa s/w, Kaspersky Internet Security 6 detected a Trojan.Generic is there some fake updating going on for Google (like...
  4. M

    Backing up NOD32 it's urgent

    i have win xp pro with NOD32 antivir. since 5 days my system running unstable and i want to reinstall whole system. i am updating NOD32 almost daily. after reinstall i don't want to update whole NOD32. how can i backup it or it's virus database?
  5. P

    DVD recorder - Firmware Update

    I have SONY DRU-820A. The update of firmware is available on the supported website. My writter is working nice without a single problem ever. I want to know that Should i update the firmware ? What this updating make the difference ?
  6. S

    Norton Pop-ups

    Just few days back While I was Updating my Window, from the site,I clicked the link new microsoft update. Preveously I was updating with regular Express/Custom Option. After that day I am always been alerted by NAV-03 that Trozans(dialer,abi, dropper, etc..)are in my computer.But while...
  7. J

    windows xp sp3

    hi all, windows xp sp3 is offered of download by some sites....though its not officially released by microsoft. so are those update a fake one...and really don't worth updating??? thax
  8. s18000rpm

    GTA -- help me

    i've been playing GTA 3(myth version) in my PC for the past 2 weeks, (i updated it to Version 1.1 (MYTH) last week itself,when i was playing that game after 2-3 days after updating it, I couldnt use the Alt+TAB key to minimize the game. i didnt had this problem before. the game shows a errror...
  9. D

    How to Update Bios

    I have Bought AMD Sempron 2500+(64bit)..But in Windows It shows AMD processor Model Unknown.... I know tht Updating My bios Will remove this Discrepancy....But I have heard tht Updating Bios can also render yr MObo useless if something goes wrong....So can Anybody tell How to Do it,And any...
  10. A

    MS anti-spyware

    whenever i try to run the auto-updater of microsoft antispyware the program hangs i'm not sure whether it is updating the definitions or not... i'm using the beta version 1.0.614 what can be wrong?
  11. Charley

    Spybot 1.4 problem during updating.

    uninstalled Spybot 1.4 last evening and reinstalled it back and when updating takes a lot of time to do so. Even after 1 hr it doesnt update. Is there a Zip file or anyother where I can update Spybot rather than downloading thru the software itself? :?:
  12. anandk

    does maxthon have spyware - II

    i use maxthon. earlier in march, i had posted a thread stating that spysweeper detects maxthon as having effectivebrands toolbar. http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17594&highlight=maxthon subsequently updating both of them did not show maxthon sa having spyware. now PEST...
  13. q3_abhi

    I have a BIOS updating Solution.

    Guyz,i can see every now n then ,the problems of updating BIOS getting on. I have created a .doc file of "How to update ur BIOS" which was there in one of the DIGIT issue. So what do u think Should i paste that solution here so that everybody can see it??? Or anything else???? Should i continue...
  14. a_medico

    kaspersky help~ again

    i want to format my comp...i want to preserve the updated virus definations for my kaspersky pro5. how do i do it? updating again with dialup will be pain.
  15. I

    Help with keylogger!

    I have the sc key logger on my system, I found it via trend micro online scanning. It says its non-cleanable.I dowloaded about 5 spyware softwares and only 1 detected it even after updating them. When I removed the spyware when I re-scan its still there. When I tried to safe mode, the screen...
  16. V

    problem in updating windows !

    Hi. I'm facing a problem in updating windows. I've XP pro. in my pc. when i'z updating the windows in shows a message "product key is not valid so windows can't be updated plz inform microsoft." and itz not updated. what all i've to do in order to update the windows. plz help me. vishal
  17. A

    Anybody having DAP 7 crack

    hi there its asim here, wel this i need DAP 7 crack, i got one from keygen but it keeps on updating DAP, and the update goes on and on, even after successfuy completing the update..........................................anybody there to hep me
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