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i m having gigabyte 845 Motherboard & since 2 yrs i hav not updated my bios coz actually i dont kno how 2 update it...i m little bit nervous in updating my bios..... can anybody help me in updating my bios without any problems.


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If your system is running OK. No need to update BIOS. Improper update of BIOS can damage the mobo also.
If u wish to update the BIOS go to the MOBO mfg's website and find out the exact model No of the Mother Board and check whether there is any BIOS update is available, if so download it and follow the BIOS update instruction within the web site or in the downloaded BIOS.

Best method to update BIOS should be mentioned on manufacture's website.So, visit your motherboard manufacture's website.There are some setup also, which can update BIOS...and installation is simple just like any software installation process.
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