1. S

    Windows 10 Update Queries

    So today's the day windows 10 have launched, I have a update in control panel waiting to upgrade my windows 8.1 Pro (Pirated) to Windows 10, I just want to ask will updating my OS to the new one retain my Programs?? I Have a lot of programs & games installed like GTA V, CS:GO, Asseto corsa etc...
  2. TechnoBOY

    what is the use of updating android firmware ?? :-?

    i heard of many complaints after updating the android os version or firmware like the battery back up has reduced i know there are many pros but why dont they provide the option to restore to older version if they face many problems :-? :|
  3. omega44-xt

    Virus attack? Files not showing in pen drive

    I noticed a strange problem in my laptop today. When I inserted a pen drive, it shows that 50MB is used but no file is shown, no hidden files too(hidden files are shown in other drives though). I then just formatted it & ignored the issue. Then I inserted my friend's pen drive which had photos...
  4. T

    bios setting

    hello guyz, my frnd hav a compaq presario cq42 laptop.he gave me to format it as his laptop os was not showing it was blank after the splashscreen. i tried installing xp bt i got some blue screen error and i googled and i got that error can b solved by changing sata mode to ide or...
  5. ghantaukay

    antivirus updating on multiple computers

    I have three computers on which I have installed Norton Anti virus (three user license) Do I have to manually go to all three computers to update the antivirus or is there a way to get round this problem? Sometime I barely use my home computer (on vacations when I go out) and when I come back...
  6. Niilesh

    BSOD while updating graphic driver, PC doent start

    I was updating graphic driver, in between Win crashed and i got a BSOD.I Rebooted the lappy saw that it was running in very low resolution(i think 640*480). I installed the driver again but it didn't fix the problem then i restarted the system but i am unable to get to desktop. I have tried safe...
  7. R

    Need Laptop for Moderate Gaming

    Hello guys, Need a Future Proof Laptop for gaming such as FIFA13,COD F1 and NFS games..I also want to play upcoming releases of the games without updating to newer laptop in next 3 years. I also use laptop for Light Office Work and Internet and Movies. 15inch would be Ideal.
  8. V

    Problem with my Sapphire HD6850 2GB

    Okay. So today, I updated the drivers. Performance before updating: Fifa 12: Lag for 5 seconds, play for 10 seconds and on and on. Performance after updating: Lag for 20 seconds, play for 10 seconds and on and on. What do I do now? :\ This is precisely where I download the drivers from...
  9. A

    Windows 8 cant connect to this network

    I installed win 8 pro on acer 4740z but it cant connect to my home wifi network, after attempting it shows error "can't connect to this network" though Ethernet works also I have tried updating the driver via device manager(using ethernet) and it says the drivers are up to date. the airplane...
  10. Saumil996

    Battlefield 3 installation and update problem

    Got my Battlefield 3 yesterday from flipkart Installed it but then when i try to start the game it starts a humongous 5,115MB (approx) update :shock: . When I click on the "start the game without the update" option it takes me to a sight where i need to register and stuff, did all that but...
  11. choudang

    UPS for LCD

    Guys, can you pl suggest a UPS for my LCD, we have some wired electricity problems, moreover i am not taking a risk for updating the firmware. urgent pl
  12. saswat23

    CPU overheating problem!! Really weird.

    My PC automatically turns off directly and when i restart, it shows CPU overheating problem. I have been facing this issue since the last 20 days or so. I even bought the Cooler Master Thermal Fusion 400 to avoid it. I applied the TIM on monday. My rig was working fine, but yesterday the...
  13. G

    Updating my PC to Gaming PC...Please suggest

    Updating my PC to Gaming PC........... 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Gaming (FPS) 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar...
  14. T

    Steam Users Check-In

    Hello, I made this thread so all the Steam users on this forums can post their IDs here, helps to keep track of everyone. Hope the moderators sticky this if they have no objection. I'll keep updating this first post as users post their IDs. Digit Forum Id | Steam ID Tachyon1986|Tachyon1986...
  15. jkultimate

    Need Advice. Buying New Motherboard, Gpu, Processor

    Okay. Now i have a old Pc. It's config as follows. Amd athlon 64x dual core processor @ 2.10 Ghz. Msi k9mm-v Zion 2 GB ddr2 Onboard grapihcs 64 MB :-( Intex 15" Zebronics 350 W Creative speakers. I have to play games like, Gta IV, Nfs Shift, Fifa 2011, Nfs HP 2010, Dirt 2, Crysis...
  16. Prince Sinha

    Can not update Revo Unistaller!

    I recently purchased Kaspersky 2011 along with Revo Unistaller was also therein the Cd. I installed that but now when I am trying to update it, updating stops in middle. After intalling 1.66mb, it hangs right there. Is there problem...
  17. hansraj

    How to retrieve 700GB worth of Data

    Friends I am in a dilemma to update the firmware of my Iomega HD Screenplay Director. The company website says very clearly that updating the firmware may cause the loss of data. Now since the data is around 700GB on the media player its a challenging task for me to back up somewhere and then...
  18. kalpik

    New Firmware v35 for N82/N95

    Check your NSU.. The latest report is its hackable.. I'm updating right now.. No changelog as of now..
  19. User Name

    Autopatcher and XP SP3 is same ?

    Is the latest autopatcher and SP3 contains same updates? Should i just go for updating from Sp2 to Sp3 OR use latest autopatcher?
  20. ritesh.techie

    How To: Create a self updating banner

    Create and customize an animated banner that cycles through your feed's five most recent items. It's an easy way to promote your content anywhere you can place a snippet of HTML. Most of you know what a banner is and where it is used, for those who are still not aware banner is an image that you...
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