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Can not update Revo Unistaller!

Prince Sinha

Daniel Prince
I recently purchased Kaspersky 2011 along with Revo Unistaller was also therein the Cd. I installed that but now when I am trying to update it, updating stops in middle. After intalling 1.66mb, it hangs right there.

Is there problem with the software? If not, then what's the problem?


Aspiring Novelist
Revo is free. Try the module available on the net. Install the copy off the HDD, not the disc.


Never give up!!
there are two versions of revo free and paid i suppose ur using paid version
anyways u can check which version of revo is installed in ur system and then download seperately from their site if any newer versions are their !!!
Prince Sinha

Prince Sinha

Daniel Prince
I have the full version of Revo Unistaller, but if I install the Unistaller from the net then I would have to pay for full version 'cause I want the full version of the Unistaller.
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