Why so many updates for an application.


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Why so many updates to apps that we use. e.g. Browser.
Chrome - auto updates itself every week almost ( Now I use freesmug builds of Chromium).

What is required is a consistent reliable Browser which if needed is updated due to security loop holes in previous versions. But i don't want new features of browser to keep on adding to ram usage(and cpu usage and less battery in return) <sigh>. How hard is this to understand. Nowadays if you want security fixes it comes in with bloated newer versions of packages with new features which i don't think are any majorly useful (atleast to me - browsing is to help do stuff, browsing isn't the only t ehing). This is majorly correct for software which has already been evolving in past very fast thus implementing everything important that is there under the sun. And we don't need continuous array of features added anymore. chrome update from 1.0 to 18.0 were fine but 30.0 really ? phew! (Matter of fact i din't like the changes done on font size of address bar for chromium in v 29 and had to get back) see this - https://www.google.co.in/search?q=address+bar+font+chrome

This is just one example - Another superb example is adobe which updates there reader every 15 days or so. Many a people aren't aware (including my folks who are just getting started with PC). They don't know how to disable the $$**&& automatic updates which just does autodownload and consumes bandwidth.

Any solutions ? People agree ?
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