1. suarezian

    [For Sale] a-Jays Five for Android

    1. *Model number and details: a-Jays Five Earphones 2. *Date of purchase:Around 10 October 2013 3. Reason for sale:My uncle gave it to me but i already have another pair of earphones, so don't need this one. 4. Warranty details:No biil, as my uncle gave it as a gift. 5. *Expected Price:5200( The...
  2. dashing.sujay

    Tablet around 15k.

    When any body asks suggestion for a tab, my face goes blank :|, as I consider it the most worthless device made ever. Nevertheless, a suggestion has been asked by an uncle. Purpose is "general". PS: I also suggested him for a mobile (X:SP) as an alternative as he was also asking about...
  3. Thetrueblueviking

    Building a 30k i5 rig for my Uncle

    So I have agreed to build a rig for my uncle - And I am not going to answer that whole list :P Here are the important things- Needs to be an i5 - he wont settle for anything more or less. It will be used for very light office work (excel,ms office,etc) and light gaming (ex - fifa 13 at ~...
  4. theserpent

    Nexus 10 out of stock now what?

    So, i was planing to get this beauty from USA via my uncle, and now this is out of stock, and i don't think google will restock it anywhere soon
  5. din

    Bangalore meetup - this weekend - anyone?

    I know this is too close to the weekend, but could not finalize before. Planning to go to Bangalore this weekend. Any chance we can make a small get-together on Saturday? Contacted the veterans Charan (read: Charan Uncle) and Jeba (Uncle Jeba), both will be there. Trying to contact others...
  6. din

    Uncle meet the Ultimate guy - At Munnar

    We both are not active in TDF these days, so not sure how many will recognize us :P Anyway, Uncle Din know Sreejith (sr_ultimate) for the last 7 years and they are great friends. Through email, chat, phone etc. But they never met in real. On last saturday, uncle was on a trip to Munnar with the...
  7. G

    gifts from my uncle in canada...

    hey evry1.. Well my uncle is comin to india this monday, and i'm still confused what to ask for. Can you please help me wihn any options... I wanted to know what gadgets are cheapr in canada.... Quick replies needed please... Thanx in advance
  8. C

    plz help me blow 50-60k on a lappy

    guys i need your help ASAP my uncle is in the US and im getting a laptop in like 3 days so my budget cant go above 60k, its better if i get on fr around 55k...so my main uses are a desktop replacement , multimedia ,and gaming , i might not carry it around much ...but i dont want it to be too...
  9. J

    I inherited 1 crore rupees from my uncle. What to do?

    Guys, I just came to know that I inherited 1 crore rupees from my dead uncle. Now I don't know what to do? I want to do something constructive with it. So what should I do? Here somethings I am thinking of doing, 1. open a bar 2. start a wine shop 3. open a video parlour 4. invest in...
  10. Pragadheesh

    software to learn type writing skills

    hi, which is the best software to enhance our type writing or fingering skills.?! actually its not for me.. my uncle needs such a software..
  11. adithyagenius

    Graphics card bought in US and warranty in India

    If my uncle gifts me a GTX 280 bought in US to me for use in India, will I get warranty in India without the shipping it back to us. I don't mind if I have to ship to their branch in India but not out of country. Is there any gfx company that can provide such warranty or simply international...
  12. I

    how much should i sell my old pc?

    it is nearly a 5yr old and has requirements like the following ----256mb of ram ----2 speakers of 820w yamaha -----20gb harddisk -----p3 processor -----motherboard xyzz also with crt monitor of 15inches i dont know the price as my uncle left it for me , how much do u think i can sell it...some...
  13. Pathik

    Happy birthday to Din uncle, power, bansalankit,chetanappu, szpak

    Happy birthday to Din uncle, power, bansalankit,chetanappu, szpak
  14. D

    BSNL Broadband

    I have two connection in two house one is home 500 Plan and other is 750 Plan. In my house it is 500 plan and other house where my uncle stay they have 750 plan. And if I want to use the 750 plan in my computer what should I do. I have the password and user id. And same thing can I do in my...
  15. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Mehul uncle, torrent, jyotirupam, seoxpert

  16. S

    XBOX 360 in US or India???

    Which one is better option?? Should we buy an Xbox 360 here or in US?? beacuse its only 349 USD there and here aroud 26000/-. Tell me if there are any warranty related problems...or else i would tell my uncle to get me one from there....:)
  17. iMav

    Hand Writing Analysis is very revealing!!!

    Im in Pune for about a month living with my uncle & aunt, today i went to meet some guy (his identity is of no relevance to the post). My uncle and him were talking whilst I sat turning my head from left to right and at times to the back in hope to catch a glimpse of some thing/one beautiful and...
  18. T

    Brand New Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare DVD **ORIGINAL**

    Hi guys, My uncle from US sent me Brand New Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare DVD... Since my system is pretty old i cant play it :( ... Iam wishing to sell it 2 some 1 as i wanna money 2 buy mobile ;)... My uncle got it for $49.99... If some 1 is interested PM ur bid....
  19. A


    where can i find best deals for Xbox360 and dell laptop i want to know shd i tell my uncle to buy online or buy at the stores im from india and my uncle is in USA california! whens the best time for discounts, and sales and best deals? before or after christmas? my uncle hates waiting so...
  20. M

    Hey Deep Uncle Ji how can i images to this forum ?

    what i do ?
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