Tablet around 15k.


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When any body asks suggestion for a tab, my face goes blank :|, as I consider it the most worthless device made ever. Nevertheless, a suggestion has been asked by an uncle.

Purpose is "general".

PS: I also suggested him for a mobile (X:SP) as an alternative as he was also asking about Canvas 4.

What do you say guys ?


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amused by the hate for tablets on this forum. whatever is enjoyable on tiny screen of mobile is much more enjoyable on a tablet. gaming, ebook readin, flipboarding are more enjoyable on tablet screen. also web browsing, typing this currently on my ainol venus.

coming bak to ur qs. galaxy tab 2 if sim slot required or nexus 7 if not required


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^ is calling not possible even on 3G version?

A gentleman suggested the new Nexus 2013. Is it really procurable in 18k from US ? Btw I don't think uncle will be ok with no warranty, still i'll suggest it.


I would suggest waiting for a month or so.
Mediatek is going to release an 8core tablet processor which will be cheap
I don't know much specifics though
HP is releasing slate7 in late aug or october which is also a nice device with cortex a9 dual core at 1.6ghz, 1024x600 res and JB on the device
I used it yesterday at my office and it was good. Oh btw, it has Beats audio which sounds really nice.
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