1. Goten

    Ultra Surf or Proxifier Dead - Orkut Banned

    Guys we have this problem in college. We cannot surf orkut using our wifi. It was possible before with ultra surf but now its not. I have tried proxifier but it is also not working. They are using winroute firewall. N damn they block everything even gmail n stuff Help us out...
  2. darklord

    XFX 650i Ultra : Another look ! + Testing with Q6600

    A friend of mine wanted to upgrade his PC and so i got a call from him, asking me what he should do,what he should get and so on. After a lot of discussion, we decided to get the following for his upgrade - 1] XFX 650i Ultra Motherboard 2] Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 [B3 ] 3] Corsair Value select...
  3. T

    confused 4 the last sec!!!!

    hey bros.... just arranging for the funds 2 upgrade my pc.... so finally decided 2 get..... 2x1gb ddr2 800mhz transcient 2x160gb sata2 seagate (raid 0) galaxy 8600gt 256mb zebronics bijli cab + umax 500w smps thermalright ultra 90 cpu cooler...
  4. T

    graphics card...?

    I've this motherboard..... Mercury PI865GM It has • 1 x AGP Ultra • 3 x PCI slots I need to buy a graphics card for my PC Which graphic cards would go with this motherboard.... nd wt is agp ultra : 8x/4x/2x?? Thnx..
  5. tarey_g

    Advice for high end system

    My friend is building a high end system and needs some advice. He has settled on the following hardware: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (G0 stepping) 4 GB Corsair XMS 2 DDR-800 4-4-4-12 (with EPP), 4x1 GB XFX 8800 Ultra 650/2200 (PVT80USHE9) More detail about: RAM...
  6. vikramkh

    Better Motherboard

    Which ones better 1) NVIDIA nForce 650i Ultra 2) Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2 whats the difference between the two and what are their prices, please if anyone could let me know
  7. Kniwor

    FS: Geil Ultra Series DDR2-800 CL=4 (Sealed Packed)

    I have two pairs of Geil Ultra Series 2x1Gb DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 . Wanna sell one. One kit is Brand New sealed packed, not opened. I tested another kit, and it does 1000Mhz on the rated voltage. I can send whichever kit you want, both are purchased together. The price is not negotiable, if u find...
  8. F

    Monster and mirror :D

    Just got this cooler for my C2D E6600. No more talk just pics. Last pic to give ya guys idea of the size of this baby ;) Enjoy. its Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. Suppose to be the best air cooler out there at the moment. On the bottom see my lapped e6600. Mirror finish for optimal results...
  9. plsoft

    HDD not detected

    I just bought a new 80 GB Ultra ATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.10. I was going to use it as my primary slave but it is not detected by my system. Not only that, when i plug it in my computer refuses to boot. I tried to use it as primary master also, but still the same result. However, my old HDD...
  10. A

    Retrieve IMEI no.

    hi guys,i got a nokia 3230 brought about a year back..until yesterday,when i used to type *#06# it used to show me the IMEI no correctly..today when i checked it,it just shows 15 ques marks(??????????????) instead of showing the no..due to this,i cant even register the software like ULTRA mp3...
  11. A

    Cheap and best ultra portable laptop

    Hi i want to buy a ultra portable laptop, plz help me to choose cheap and best ultra portable laptop
  12. S

    First budget Dx 10 Card by nVidia

    Finally, mortals like some of us don't need to sell kidney(s) to get a 8800 GTX. nVidia 8600 cards are rumored to be out in march. Here's an extract from gizmodo and guru3d says: Guru3D has pricing details too. Now I can drop the idea of getting a 7600GT :D
  13. shyamno

    Nero Ultra Vs Nero Premium..

    Is there any major difference between Nero Ultra and Nero Premium..or just it is meant for different markets..i.e Ultra for US markets and Premium for European markets..
  14. a_to_z123

    Nero 7 Premium or Ultra Edition

    Guys, I just want to know which is the superior version of Nero 7... The Premium Edition or the Ultra Edition?? And what's the difference b/w the two of'em?? Plz clarify!!!
  15. go_gamez

    gfx card upgrade..related..queries..

    my current config is Mobo- HIS 845-GVML..with an 4X AGP slot... p4 2.4 ghz. 1 mb l2 cache 512 mb ddr ram 80 gb PATA HDD and a crap MX-4000 ...i have decided..to upgrade...my gfx card..and i want to get the following info : ( as i am buying a second hand card..due to money...
  16. E

    A doubt about 6600

    I have recently got a Nokia 6600. Thing is, I need to know - my phone gives me a message - "Unkown file format" - when I try to transfer mp3's to it. I wanna know, if I install any mp3 player softwares, like Ultra mp3 on my phone, will it support mp3's then ? Because, right now, my phone does...
  17. stellar

    Ultra Video Splitter

    When I open Ultra Video Splitter An error message "Library not registered" keeps showing at first then i cannot split movies. I have a registered version.
  18. sychomayniac

    To buy or not to buy

    Hi i wanna know is nvidia 6100 mobo is nforce 4 chipset mobo. Is MSI NEO 4 platium board good or ASUS A8NE a worth upgrade both Nvidia 4 Ultra mobo great OCer. I m using 3200+ veince 512 twinmos, hitachi 80 sata II.
  19. J

    cooler master ultra vortex

    i want to buy cooler master's ultra vortex HSF for my pc but was'nt able to find any dealers for cooler master . plz help
  20. g_goyal2000

    Premium vs. Ultra

    What's the difference between Nero 7 Premium & Nero 7 Ultra???
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