1. Jaskanwar Singh

    Battlefield 3 : Toms Hardware

    Battlefield 3 Performance: 30+ Graphics Cards, Benchmarked : Battlefield 3 Reinvigorates PC Gaming AMD Cards lead greatly with High settings and exceptional crossfire scaling but take a major hit with MSAA and ultra (strange). plus crossfire has some problems currently only for some people.
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 4

    read about it - GIGABYTE Ultra Durableâ„¢ 4 Classic webpage
  3. T

    StarCraft 2 Playing Issue

    My Config is in my Sig. I play at Res. 1400x900 with all Settings "Ultra" in Campaign Modes (I dont play Multi) While playing sometimes the Frame Rate really drops at some Places to halt. I want to know what is the Culprit. GTS 250 + C2DE7x Must be able to Run it at ultra with mere...
  4. M

    Any Street Fighter 4 player??

    hii..guys i have sf4 and its in polish language...plz tell me how to execute ultra combos???thanks....
  5. K

    7- zip help

    I want to get the what is known as ultra compression using 7 zip...i found a game file on the web which was actually 142 MB but was compressed to 8 MB and was working too...i heard a rumor that experts have hidden the secret behind this....what should be the setting for this ultra...
  6. quadroplex780

    Cabinet/chasis for Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme

    Hello guys I wanna buy a cabby which can accommodate my thermalright Ultra 120 extreme My budget is around Rs 3000 any help is welcome :).
  7. topgear

    XFX 650i Ultra Motherboard Problem - Need Help

    Yesterday evening I was changing HDD boot option in the bios but suddenly the bios screen hangs. I did every possible key combination to get rid of that. But that screen still remained hanged. So I rebooted the pc with reset switch but after that I was not able to get any display. :( So I...
  8. G

    8800 Ultra + 1000 Watt Power Supply

    Tigerdirect has THIS on offer. An XFX 8800 Ultra + a 1000 Watt Power Supply going for 399.99 USD. How much duty is required for importing this into India?
  9. royal

    cost of a Drill

    Ahem...friends this time I have a very humble request :oops: Can you please let me know the approx price of a power drill along with the necessary drill bit sets ? its something like this...
  10. spitfire

    FS:Geforce 6200 Ultra 256MB AGP 8x with 2 yrs warranty

    ........."SOLD"......... OK guys..I am again posting this..since my sis now has got a spanking new 7300gt... Sparkle 6200 Ultra AGP 8X graphics card with 256MB DDR2 memory is up for sale.Its only 1 year old (Bought on 10-5-07),used mainly for running vista. 2 yrs of warranty left...
  11. layzee

    The best Motherboard+Processor Combo under 20K for Overclocking

    I feel that its got to be: Intel Core 2 Duo E2160 Rs. 3,000 :cool: ASUS Maximus Formula Rs. 16,000 ;) Bundle this with a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme , a Scythe S-Flex SFF21F Fan and a pair of 1GB Corsair 8500C5D Dominators -> You're done!!:cool:
  12. Abheek

    XFX launches 9800GX2 in India!!

    source Tech2.com XFX today introduced the XFX NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2-based graphics card. The new card combines the power of two GeForce 9800 GPUs into a single graphics solution. Featuring NVIDIA HybridPower technology, 256 screaming fast stream processors and a 1GB framebuffer, it...
  13. S

    NVIDIA releases nForce 790i SLI & GeForce 9800 GX2

    Source 1 Source 2 Looks like NVIDIA is back on track with DDR3 & much better performing motherboard. Good news for gaming enthusiasts with the release of 9800 GX2.
  14. amitash

    Q6600+thermalright ultra 120 extreme

    HI i just got my thermalright ultra 120 extreme(TRUE)...its giving me very nice temps... CPU:Q6600 OC to 2.8Ghz Vcore:1.3v(stock) ambient:29C Idle temps:32-34C load temps:50-52C(under prime 95 for 3hrs)
  15. DigitalDude

    33 megapixel Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HDTV) could be on the air in 2015

    :shock: :shock: Source: Engadget _[/LEFT]
  16. H

    Need help regarding configuration!

    :DHi! I'm going to go in for a completely new PC within a budget of 30k. Here is the stuff that I have decided upon, it would be wonderful if you guys can point out any discrepancies within this configuration. Also please suggest a good cabinet and if I should go in for a separate SMPS. Intel...
  17. C

    can i use seagate 7200.10 on pentium 3 machine? urgent plz help!!

    Hi, I bought a Seagate barracuda 80gb ST380215A 7200.10 to replace my 20gb harddisk. I have not yet removed the seal. My question is, does this work on a intel 815 motherboard? There is no mention of IDE on the disk, it just says ultra ATA/100. After googling a bit, most of the websites say...
  18. H

    Thinkdigit Games Screenshots Thread(Bandwidth Warning)

    Whatever game it be say mario or crysis post your screenshots here Leeme start with some ExtremeHD Not more than 10 pics per post. Settings - High Resolution - ExtremeHD Settings - Ultra Resolution - ExtremeHD Settings - Ultra Resolution - ExtremeHD
  19. yesh1683

    NVIDIA 3-way SLI review 3x XFX 8800 Ultra

    Yes U read the title right Review of Three 8800 Ultra Graphics card running in single board [3-way SLI] Source
  20. nishantv2003

    Overclock my xfx 650i ultra

    hey guys i have a few probs, 1st my config e6750 xfx 650i ultra xfx 8400gs 2x1 transend jetflash ddr2 800mhz(total 2gb) 250gb sata2 seagate.... now my prob, CPU-Z(1.41) SHOWS, core speed 2000.1 MHz, Why not 2666.6 MHz like it should do???? in Memory section it shows, Frequency...
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