1. S


    For Sale ! Product Name: WD 2 TB MY PASSPORT ULTRA PORTABLE USB 2.0 HDD(USB Powered) Expected Price: Rs 8500 (non-negotiable)(Take it or leave it.) Shipping charges:-Shipping @ actual. Manufacturer page URL: My Passport Ultra Description if any: BRAND NEW AND...
  2. vijju6091

    HTC One MAX Coming A Competitor Sony X Z Ultra

    HTC One Max reportedly surfaces in photos with 5.9-inch display Looks Like HTC Is gonna give tough time to Sony Xperia Z ultra as they are making Phablet with snapdragon 800, Full HD Display and About just perfact display size for a phablet.
  3. chandan3

    Crysis 3 ultra setting

    I hv i7 8 gb ram ,n gpu - 7730m on my lappy ..can i play crysis 3 on ultra setting ?
  4. vickybat

    Nvidia working on titan LE and Ultra variants.

    Well the rumours about titan LE had been floating around for quite some time now. Its supposed to be a scaled down titan consisting of 2496 shaders, and 5gb gddr5 memory on a 320 bit bus. But what's new now is that nvidia is working on a card higher than titan. :shock: Dubbed as Titan Ultra...
  5. anuragsinghh

    can i get any problem while playing battlefield 3 on my pc

    hey gamerz i just wanna know that can i play battlefield 3 multiplayer on my pc with decent settings here is my rig and list of games which i have played on my pc . INTEL CORE 2 DUO 7500@2.93GHZ RAM - 4GB DDR3 GPU - ATI RADEON SAPPHIRE HD 6670 1 GB DDR3 FAR CRY 3 - HIGH/ULTRA - 30...
  6. H

    Beat Hazard Ultra

    I've been playing Beat Hazard Ultra, and i must say, the game is intense. Extreme Metal and Dubstep work really well and allowed me to reach elite in one play through(2-3 hrs).
  7. navpreetsingh459

    LG 65" Ultra HDTV preview

    Finally we got a name for the LG 55" and 65" Ultra HDTV and it's LA970. though I am bit surprised about this series as their 84" Ultra HDTV comes up in LM series. Here comes the detailed preview about the verdirct and release date of the 65LA970 model. *www.t3.com/reviews/lg-65la970-review
  8. havoknation

    King of all Full tower..~~~ Its ULTRA Tower

    Hi All, I have upgraded my chassis from Haf 932 to NZXT Phantom 820. I drifted towards it because of its unique HUE lightning system. Please check below link for pics Phantom 820 Ultra Tower Photos by xonar9357 | Photobucket
  9. shaurya.malik88

    Ultra HDTV dedicated thread

    There has already been a lot of buzz about the 84" ultra hdtv from lg and Sony and then came the CES which marks the launch of 4k TV in the likes of Sony,panasonic 56" 4k oled tv, LG 55" and 65" ultra hdtv, Samsung 85" ultra hdtv so why not have a full thread for discussion about the 4k Tv's...
  10. sumit_anand

    LG and sony Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

    LG is planning to lauch their 55" and 65" ultra HDTV's at the CES starting tomorrow but it may get a tough fight with Sony which is also rumored to launch first 4K OLED TV at the CES. The launch of 4K OLED TV may be rumor but since it has been reported by tech sites like HDTVtest, The Verge so...
  11. sumit_anand

    Ultra HDTV in different Size

    Looks like CES 2013 is going to grab a lot of consumers attention with regards to the new launch in TV section. LG is going to show off their 55", 65" and 84" ultra HDTV's. There are also some rumors that Toshiba is planning to launch it's 94" 4K TV in 2013, Who knows that we can hear something...
  12. chandan3

    Dell ultra moniter

    Suggedt me dell ultra 21.5 inch or 23 inch moniter which support 1 HDMI 1 DVI 1 vGA under 15k to 16k for gaming,HD movies,
  13. M

    Brand new Seagate Goflex Ultra Portable 500GB USB 3.0 Sealed Pack with Bill

    1. *Model number and details: Seagate Goflex Ultra Portable 500GB USB 3.0 2. *Date of purchase: 25 Septemebr 2012 3. Reason for sale: Need money 4. Warranty details: Yes. 3 years 5. *Expected Price: Rs 3850 + Rs 100 shipping DTDC. Free shipping within kerala 6. *Location of Seller: Kottayam...
  14. Abhishekrocked

    Buying a netbook under 20k (please help)

    Need a netbook for internet access, uploading videos and playing games (i dunt want to play the actuall in game just i want to interact the menus in it) if possible it should run fifa 13 should be ok at ultra low settings... Will be buying from flipkart.com also it should have dvd...
  15. Abhishek_Z

    Best Laptop Around 60k ?

    Hi everyone I wanted to get the best laptop around 60k. Requirements: Processor :Only 3rd Gen Intel Processor RAM : 6 GB or More Connectivity : Must have Wi-FI, BT and HDMI Graphics Card : Atleast 1.5 GB or more Special Requirement #1 : Must be upgrade-able to Win 8. Special...
  16. CarlonSamuels

    Graphics Card Around 7k

    i need a graphics card around 7000-8000. Should be able to run at least 2011 games at Ultra at 1024 X 768
  17. Jaskanwar Singh

    EVGA Introduces Two GeForce GTX 580 Classified Ultra graphics cards

    EVGA Introduces Two GeForce GTX 580 Classified Ultra graphics cards | techPowerUp
  18. zacfx05

    what ups indicates.......?

    hello Friends actually i don't know where to post this thread ...... i want to know what the 600v/360w on a ups mean and how it effects... will it support any pc configuration (ultra, high....etc) is it just to indicate the backup time.......? iam actually asking about apc 600 v rs
  19. M

    An ultra fast system.need advice

    hello, guys i have recently bought a amd Athlon x4 645 with a Gigabyte 880g-usb3 mobo. Also with it is 4 gb of corsair memory clocked at 1333MHz. Now i want ultra fast boot times and for that purchased a 40gb intel ssd . And i have another 250 gb of sata hard disk. Now what is the best...
  20. A

    What is the difference ?

    what is difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 version of seagate goflex ultra portable drives? which one is best?
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