1. G

    Galaxy S5 black screen problem and the phone doesn't turn on

    To fix this problem i tried to downgrade the firmware from android 6.0 to 5.0 via Odin 3 vs 3.11.1 but now the phone's blue led and left soft key only turns on. the phone doesn't start and not even charge.even after downloading the stock rom to phone. only the download mode appears recovery...
  2. Apollo

    We don't need no... homework! YAY!!

    Remember all the time you spent doing homework cooped up inside your house, trying to pay attention to what's inside your textbook while all your friends were busy playing cricket or football downstairs and creating an unusually loud ruckus? Distracting you to the maximum? Turns out, homework's...
  3. mitraark

    TV flickers when turning on other appliances

    Have a Samsung 40H5100, plugged in to wall port, no stabilise. Whenever someone in the other room turns on the Fan/light, the screen turns off for a second and turns back on. When the installation guy came he said it was because of earthing problems.but I got the electric ports checked and...
  4. T

    Laptop turning off by self

    Lamy dell inspiron n5010 is turning on for a few mins and then suddenly it turns off. Fan makes noise like it seems its rotating fast.
  5. N

    battlefield game launching problem.

    I have battlefield 3 game.( my laptop specs are win 8, nvidia 740M 1 gb graphics). when I try to launch the game the screen turns dark and not show anything for long time.plz help.
  6. A

    Problem with laptop shutdown process

    Hey All, I have a Dell laptop. I recently updated my graphics driver, to non OEM provided drivers(latest non beta AMD catalyst). I am facing a weird issue while giving the shutdown command, the laptop display turns off but the laptop itself doesn't shutdown, similarly while idling if the...
  7. reddick

    Unable to access Chrome Webstore

    Hi Friends! I'm using Google Chrome ,mainly, for browsing. Though I've no problem in visiting any site or while downloading, but I'm not able to open/visit the website of https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/apps . Whenever I click the link, the screen turns white and just the mouse...
  8. MegaMind

    [Query] PNY RMA query.

    Hello Guys! Long time. A friend of mine bought a PNY powerbank 8000 portable charger from indiatimes shopping. But it doesn't work. It turns ON but when a mobile is connected it turns off. When contacted indiatimes CC they do not have sufficient information regarding the PNY service centre...
  9. thanseer

    My laptop shutting down automatically

    i'm using Samsung RV 509 laptop..i'm a graphic designer..when i open a big file in photoshop...it turns off..help me guys..i can't finish my work in time :|
  10. L

    problem with the laptop screen

    Hi Please, I have a problem with my laptop screen, but I don't know the cause of it. When I touch the screen, move it, or close the laptop, the screen turns off. When the laptop was OK, it used to go to sleep mode of Windows 7 when I close it; but now it turns off and I should force it to...
  11. cray.x

    [Solved] PC turns off

    first of all the specs! AMD A8 3850(2.9GHz) Asus F1A55 M LX Plus Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz vengeance corsair CX500 WD caviar blue 250GB hello guys i recently assembled a PC on 11 feb 2012 it was working fine until today, when i was working on it, it unexpectedly turned off(not...
  12. A

    start-up and turn-off & start-up & turn-off indefinitely

    I've been having problem with my desktop. It's around 4 months old. Intel DH61WW mother board, core i3, 2 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon 5450. My problem is that the computer turns off, there is not a proper shut down. And in a few seconds it powers up but the power led is not on. and there's...
  13. P

    Compaq presario C700 laptop startup problem..

    Hey guys....:) M new to this forum... I have a compaq presario c700 notebook which is quite old..... when i press the power button the led lights turns on..i can here the fans spinning sometimes after 4-5 seconds the system turns off....and i switch it on again...or if it does not turn...
  14. ay_aceoo7

    pc turns on automatically

    pc turns on automatically without pressing the power button... :?:
  15. D

    Hp w1907 turns off

    Hii i am using Hp w1907 for past 3 years but since past few days my monitor turns off automatically and restarts. this issue was with my old PC but a couple of days ago i bought a new PC and still the problem persists. i am using at 1440*900 resolution. using at my laptop the problem...
  16. J

    Trouble with modem.

    Okay a friend of mine has this modem(given by BSNL),and a weird problem is cropping up. there are 4 led's on it,and the "PC/USB" led glows during startup but as soon as the logon screen(win xp) appears the "PC/USB" led turns off. He can't connect to the internet(obviously). Any ideas on what...
  17. G

    Problem..Screen Turns black for few seconds

    when i am playing game my Problem..Screen Turns black for few seconds and then comes back and runs fine,also system is running fine too... also in few games it happens .. Graphic card- 5650 PSU- GS 600 Any idea what might cause this problem. Thanks Regards
  18. socrates

    Windows XP turns 10 :)

    Windows XP quietly turned 10 years old Wednesday, a milestone for the still-popular operating system that powers nearly half the world's PCs. But does any one care :D Windows XP turns 10 - Computerworld
  19. A

    Asus maximus IV gene-z - CMOS problem

    I bought a brand new asus maximus IV gene-z last week.The problem is,each time I turn it off,I have to reset the cmos using a switch provided at the back of motherboard,otherwise it wont boot.It just turns on for 3 seconds and then turns off.If I reset the cmos,I just have to enter the bios,save...
  20. P

    Audio not working for HP dv51235dx

    Hey friends, I have hp dv5 1235dx with windows vista. One day suddenly there was a some unusual sound from the laptop and it suddenly got restarted. after this restart , laptop sound is not working. i tried reinstalling drivers,updating drivers , restroing the windows and tried other os as...
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