1. sushovan

    KZ ATE Buying Advice

    After going through a lot of options for an IEM under 1K I have zeroed in on KZ ATE. But the ways of getting it seems too few in India as I could only find this Knowledge Zenith ATE HiFiNage Indi . Can this site be trusted ? [ Aliexpress is not an option since I need it within this week itself ]
  2. M

    Laptop Under45K

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop. My requirements are as follows: my Budget: Rs. 45,000/- Utility: average gaming, support linux platform Need dedicated graphics card. Favoured brands: Asus, HP and Toshiba (If there is any trusted laptop in other bands, pls suggest that) Processor: Not less...
  3. izzikio_rage

    Canon 60D, 700D or some other

    Need to buy a DSLR for a friend. They're planning to spend about 50k on the camera + kit lens. What would be a better option, going for the older but tried and trusted 60D or the new 700D (which is almost at a 15k premium). Or is there a competitor from nikon that might be a better bet?
  4. anuragsinghh

    which goty award is the most trusted one

    I have seen several of websites announcing their goty awards but which one is the best and could be trusted?
  5. .jRay.

    Online recharge

    I wanna know free recharge sites which give coupons, i use paytm and freecharge.. are there any other trusted sites? Also do any sites provode sudexo meal passes?
  6. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Where to buy ?

    I am thinking to buy a rotatory tool for modding my cabby so i like Black & Decker RTX-6 2 Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool with 30 Accessories please tell me where can i get it in delhi around dwarka .... also if any one have used it it pls tell me hows it ???? is rediff trusted ..... should i get this...
  7. navpreetsingh459

    Nokia still a trusted brand in India.

    Any one would think that it's all over for Nokia now as far as the indian market is concrned but the brand trust report has something else to say. Nokia is among the top three most trusted brands in india and this is something which is very very good news for Nokia. Check out the more details...
  8. B

    Can Micromax be Trusted

    Recently, Micromax is flooding Indian market with low cost Android phones. Yesterday, I saw Micromax A90 and boy what a phone! The Super AMOLED display is really an eye popping thing. I am very much impressed with this phone. But there is only one problem can micromax be trusted? I mean, do you...
  9. M

    Trusted Tattoo Parlour in Mumbai

    Hi guys looking for a trusted tattoo parlour in mumbai.Wish to get the Bat symbol tattooed on my left arm..pls help me out with recommending the best one to get it done. Regards, Mandar.
  10. Richie Rich

    iPad 2 16GB Wi-fi

    Where to get cheapest iPad 2 16GB Wi-fi (non 3G) in trusted online website?
  11. 6Diablo9

    Are 3D Mark 06' scores to be trusted?

    My friend bought new PC some months ago. He uses it mainly for gaming and movies, he's bought a i3 2100 and Nvidia Geforce 8400GS (didn't ask me before buying). So I decided to show him how his computer sucked big time in gaming and we ran 3D Mark 06' on his PC and the score came 1761. My (4yr...
  12. socrates

    Facebook testing 'Trusted Friends' feature,

    Facebook testing 'Trusted Friends' feature, the password unlock we hope you never have to use -- Engadget
  13. A

    Looking for suggestions - Asus G53SW-XR1

    Hi, I was looking to buy a gaming laptop and I was recommended to a site: There I customized an Asus G53SW-XR1 with Full HD screen, 1.5GB Nvidia 460m, 8GB RAM, i7-2630QM processor, and the price came out to be 1041$ (USD) Now, firstly I want to know if this site is trusted, and...
  14. R

    Motorola Defy in Licorice

    what does LICORICE means with defy found this on Also.. is saholic a trusted website to buy mobile
  15. ithehappy

    Best and Trusted Online IT websites

    Can I have some names for the Best and most Trusted online IT products website like SMC, Primeabgb or ITDepot. Thanks in advance.
  16. S

    Paypal Balance

    I want Paypal balance in my paypal account i dont have a credit card, i will pay you via sbi netbanking, any trusted member contact
  17. S

    trusted online store...

    i want to find an online store for pc components that can supply in kerala and one that can be trusted. it should have low price and good hardware with listing. please help. thanks in advance
  18. digitalage

    free ebooks!!??

    can anyone suggest me a trusted site for free ebooks... trusted means:::: no malware, spyware of anythinglike that.
  19. N

    Name some trusted online Indian IT shops

    Guy's I want to purchase my new computer parts online. Please tell me the names of some trusted online IT shops in India.
  20. nitansh

    Buying a New Mobile? Check Out These Sites!

    Want to buy a mobile? Don't know where to find the correct specs or a detailed review or perhaps a trusted online shop? Here we have all the important sites listed. SHOPPING SITES: Flipkart *** Letsbuy *** Saholic Univercell TheMobileStore HomeShop18 *** Adexmart Ebay Yebhi BuyThePrice...
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