1. angie

    Negative Experience Buying from Snapdeal? Don't trust the reviews.

    I bought a levis jeans from order id: 3744701931 Date: 28th , November 2014 Due to various reasons I was not able to open it before the 7 day return period (I wasn't aware of this, I mostly shopped from myntra before so was habitual with 30 day returns). When I opened it later...
  2. M

    digit icons of trust 2013

    whats the result of icons of trust survey 2013. who are the winner participant. what are the prizes would be given to them.
  3. JohnephSi

    confused regarding nexus 7

    hi guys plz suggest me where can i buy google nexus 7 32gb 3G model???can we trust ebay will they provise waranty....plz do help me
  4. harshilsharma63

    Should I trust there ratings?

    Hi, I have a Zebronics case which includes a PSU. Now, I'm not sure weather I should trust these power ratings or not. I usually add led'd and other devices in my PC as part of my modding interest, so I need to know the Amperage of all lines. Should I trust the printed power ratings?
  5. A

    Girls and geeks....(Branched off from the thread on girls on TDF)

    I was reading this thread a little: * and some of the stuff I found was....unnerving. Maybe it's because most of the users here are very young, but a few things I really want to clarify are listed below: 1) Yes, there...
  6. socrates

    How long before local storage is dead?

    Whats your opinion A cloud-based world is just around the corner... or is it? See: How long before local storage is dead? | News | TechRadar UK Would you trust some else with your data. Would large organization trust some else to host their data of course v large companies could host thier...
  7. S

    how to recharge mobile via paypa or through paypal

    Right now everyone want to save their time and they have a doubt in their mind. How i can recharge my mobile online through PayPal? In that situation,You can go recharge via paypal-online recharge through paypal-Prepaid-For Airtel-Idea-Vodafone-Reliance-Via Recharge via...
  8. D

    Wikipedia : To trust or not to

    Source : * When Wikipedia started gaining in popularity, so did its diversion from actual content. Its Wiki style management means user can edit its content; this remains to be Wikipedia biggest boon and...
  9. mad1231moody

    Rechargable batteries buying query

    Hey ya friends. Need some suggestion regarding what capacity NimH rechargable batteries should I buy. Will 1100mAh suffice or shall I go a notch higher. Also recommend me some brand that I can trust on. I dont need fast chargers, anything that can charge in 10-12 hours will do.Waiting...
  10. amitabhishek

    Politicians making me sick

    Yday's trust vote in the parliament made me sick to the core. Trust politicians to stoop to a new low everyday. Now a third front is emerging which will apparently portray Mayawati as PM. Go die you politicians!!!! God bless this country!!!
  11. raksrules

    Can i trust this website for my camera buying ?

    Hi friends, I am looking to buy a Canon Digital Camera (SX 100 IS). I will be ordering it from US and my brother will get it delivered to his place. I was searching popular websites for best offers and in that I stumbled upon this website Of all the websites, the...
  12. hjpotter92

    Check the forums

    I have my own forums which are hosted by visit the forums and tell me about it. The link is this one: * If you do trust someone on the forums than please look there and if possible be a member.
  13. Plasma_Snake

    XBOX 360 about to be Kicked out of India

    Don't trust the headlines or me? Check this link out: *
  14. A

    Can I trust Theitdepot ?

    Hi, I would like to buy Creative Inspire T6060.It costs Rs4235+950(Shipping charge) in the site.Can I trust this online seller?.I am from kerala.This is my first online deal.Is there any other site which sells T6060?
  15. hayabusa_ryu

    She Loves Me Or Not???

    hello friends, Nice to see u all. U all r enjoying like earlier. I m back after two months with a problem again:cry: . Actually problem started when I chatted with a gal online. This was my first time online chat in a dating site. I usually chat with yahoo messanger...
  16. D

    SunPlayer 0.3 Its nice trust me

    Hi there, This is Sunny Guha and am back with version 0.31 of my media player 'Sunplayer' trust me u'll like this one. Its new features include - * playlist having drag and drop feature * playlist show the names of files instead of path * Button's have images * Better UI[I hope sp]...
  17. a_k_s_h_a_y

    before and after marriage !

    Before marriage: He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait. She: Do you want me to leave? He: NO! Don't even think about it. She: Do you love me? He: Of course! She: Have you ever cheated on me? He: NO! Why you even asking? She: Will you kiss me? He: Yes! She: Will you hit...
  18. eggman

    You just can't trust pirates!

    This picture says it all:
  19. V

    help regarding linux

    sorry for making a double post guys, but really need setting up vpn whcih runs fedora core 6. got no idea about it so anybody whom i can trust and who can help me??
  20. desertwind

    Join the DRM Elimination Crew

    Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is a technology that affects all users of computers, media players, mobile phones and other devices. "'Your devices don't trust you!' is the basic message of DRM. In fact they trust you so little that they will not even tell you that they put you under...
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