Negative Experience Buying from Snapdeal? Don't trust the reviews.


At last the devil is here
I bought a levis jeans from

order id: 3744701931
Date: 28th , November 2014

Due to various reasons I was not able to open it before the 7 day return period (I wasn't aware of this, I mostly shopped from myntra before so was habitual with 30 day returns).
When I opened it later, I found holes in it. I informed snapdeal and they gave a generic response that return period is gone.
It was my fault so there was nothing more I could do.

So I posted a review of the product on the site saying 'I bought a NEW ORIGINAL jeans and found holes in it'. Proper English and no bad mouthing crazily.

Amazingly snapdeal haven't published the review till now (its more than 48 hours). I have emailed them twice and now they are asking me to send the review in email. Are you kidding me?

I wonder, to how many people this is happening. Many won't care about this if at all they post the review.
Moral: Don't the trust the ratings or reviews of snapdeal.
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