1. jay4u

    Wtb : Digit Issues

    I want to buy old digit issues plus the accompaning fast track, tips & tricks books. Also interested in the special CD/DVD that came with it like a tutorial or Tips & Tricks CD but not hte regular ones. Me at Mumbai.... 9821405944.... Mail me the list
  2. blademast3r

    Awesome fifs 07 tricks

    Hey guys this is a thread to post all the awesome fifa 07 tricks and vids of the same..i jus got to kno bout this awesome trick usin ronaldhino...chek it out
  3. K

    Norton all-in-one online protection for a month, free from Yahoo!

    see [Edited Batty] Link to the relevant article posted. @ Author, Do not try to promote your website with these tricks.
  4. E

    windows tricks & tips

    I had earlier come across some tips and tricks for tweaking windows XP's performance etc..i am unable to locate that thread...can someone pls send me the link??
  5. Garbage

    Share Orkut Tips & Tricks here...

    Hi Guys...!! Recently I read a threat that was abt Orkut. So I think that why not to start a new Threat abt Tip s & Tricks abt orkut...:-) U can share the tips & Tricks here. But usefull.... Lets Go ------->>>>>>
  6. abhi_10_20

    Nfs Mw

    Its really getting hard to get bounty after beating the 6th blacklist member. Any tricks, please help.
  7. S

    Web Designing

    Have any new tricks about web designing? Post here
  8. paragkalra

    Configuring Dataone in RHEL 4 via USB?

    I am having a Dataone Broadband conncetion. It works fine in Linux via LAN card. Now I want to configure it using USB. Any Tips, Tricks, Ideas or Complete Procedure? Please Help me! Its urgent!
  9. S


  10. K

    Photoshop Tutorials for anyone who is intrested ...

    Here u go :D Photoshop Tutorials:
  11. anandk

    reg nokia 6600

    hi ! i think this is my 500th post, but my 1st one in this section. just bought a nokia 6600 today. my old one was really old ! so this is going to be new for me. any suggestions ? tips ? tricks ? good download sites ? etc etc !? :) would appreciate ur comments and expertise. Edited...
  12. huzaifa b arab

    Are u a Hardcore gamer of 'SmackDown 5- Here comes the Pain'

    Hi there, I think i can Beat anybody here in 'SmackDown 5-Here Comes the pain'. Post ur favorite players , tricks, cheats in this game. Bye....and lemme see the replyies commin in.... :twisted:
  13. maharajadhiraj

    adobe & flash..

    hey any of u studs out there know some links where i cud get tips & tricks in Flash-MX and Adobe Photoshop 7
  14. cooldip10

    Cheats man.. Cheats of FIFA 2005

    Hi there, PLZ give me cheats , hints & tricks of FIFA 2005. :)
  15. K

    Tips n Tricks for Linux

    Hi All.. I just hope the MODS make it a sticky and every1 adds tips n tricks in this post.. Many will be already knowin these but i m startin this just for the TOTAL NEWBIES!!! 1) HOW TO INSTALL RHN directly from ISO ( JAN 2005 DVD ) Copy all the ISO in a folder.. ( CANNOT BE A...
  16. Raaabo

    [Contribution] January 2005 Tips & Tricks

    Hi all, Here's your chance to be featured in the Tips & Tricks section in the January 2005 issue of Digit. All you have to do is post your contributions here: Give us some useful tips and tricks on using the following: Video Editing Software If your tips are selected by our expert...
  17. GameAddict

    How to solve this IRC problem?

    Hi, Since last two weeks or so, my IP is being labelled as being of a Spammer and I am getting repeatedly kicked out of the channel. Any idea how I can remove my IP from the Blacklist or contact Channel Op, to remove the IP from the list ? Since I can't not enter the channel, I could not...
  18. yogi7272

    hack for region lock on LG dvd player

    i have got a LG DS8421P dvd player which has it's region locked to 5. does anyone know how to make it a region free ? please suggest few tricks.
  19. S

    Digit Contest: Replace the Windows XP Logo in General tab

    Hi, Since the november tips n tricks is only for Chat clients and I do not chat and so I cannot contribute tips or tricks and so I'm posting solution to this challenge in Digit October issue. Visit for solution: Full...
  20. S

    how to tearn game development?

    is there any courses in INDIA where they teach you how to make games? what education course should i do? (MCA?,COMP ENGG?,Msc Physics ?) how do i learn about the tricks of directx sdk? what else do i have to learn beside c++ & 3dmax to make international standard games?
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