1. Tamil15

    [FAQ] Honor View20 - All you need to know [Continuation - Final]

    Honor View20 FAQ Here's everything you need to know about the latest flagship from Honor #HONORView20 #SeetheUnseen #WorldsFirstTechnology [Continuation..Final] Question: Does Honor View20 support 5G technology? Answer: There is not 5G support in Honor View20. Question: What are all the...
  2. Tamil15

    [FAQ] Honor View20 - All you need to know [Continuation]

    [Continuation...] HARDWARE & SOFTWARE Question: What's processor used in Honor View20 ? Answer: The Honor View20 comes with World's First 7nm chipset, KIRIN 980 an octa core CPU in a (2x ARM Cortex-A76 @ 2.6GHz, 2x ARM Cortex-A76 @ 1.92 GHz, 4x ARM Cortex-A55 @1.8 GHz) while the GPU is a...
  3. Tamil15

    [FAQ] Honor View20 - All you need to know

    Honor View20 FAQ Here's everything you need to know about the latest flagship from Honor #HONORView20 #SeetheUnseen #WorldsFirstTechnology Device Name: Honor View20, also known as Huawei Honor V20 in China. Availability: December 26, 2018 in Beijing, China. Global Launch: January 22, 2019 in...
  4. D

    lenovo k3 note discussion

    Hi, guys I created this thread for Lenovo k3 note.. Let me know about this phone problems, tips tricks.. Let's share..
  5. Zangetsu

    Table Tennis Discussion Thread

    Recently I started playing table tennis in my office so, thought of discussing more on this. Lets discuss :-D u can post some Tips, Tricks and Tutorials here
  6. G

    Pro Evolution Soccer

    I have an xbox controller too but I just can't get used to it. What is the best keyboard config for this game? Here's what I got. Please feel free to also post tips and tricks for playing this game. I'd like you play this game with you guys. My steam Id : GenLibeb Just played my first...
  7. ariftwister

    Prison Architect Discussion Thread

    Hey Guys, I started playing this game recently and got instantly addicted to it. So Post your prison structure and your Valuable tips and tricks to the new Architects. - - - Updated - - - My new Prison in Planning - - - Updated - - - My Tips: * Place the jail door at last while constructing...
  8. rezurect007

    Mobo: Old dog New Tricks?

    Old dog New Tricks? CPU-GPU Can we teach an old dog new tricks? Academic Question. Can we pair an Old Processer with a newer GPU Current config: Pentium D 2.8 Ghz processor P5KPL-AM/PS Mobo ,Intel G31 Chipset ,Socket 775(ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS) 4 GB DDR2 RAM If i...
  9. Nanducob

    How to change current ip to USA ip?

    Is there any working way that i can change ip to united states ip so that i can download free stuff from tried hotspot shield and many tricks but failed.:-D
  10. C

    Computer Lagging please help

    My PC configuration is:- Processor- Intel Core2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93Ghz Motherboard- XFX MG-63MI-7109 RAM- 4GB Hard Disk- 232GB Graphic Card- Ati Radeon 6850 HD "1GB" Operating System-Windows 7 32-bit I defragmented my hard disk, scanned for any viruses "nothing found" did all the tweaks &...
  11. D

    Plz give some feedback on my first website

    WintechGuide is finally up! To discover cool windows tips & tricks. visit here: WintechGuide - Tips & Tricks Galore! Currently hosts a few articles. But more coming soon.......... Feedback Please. Your feedback is valuable.
  12. socrates

    More hidden Windows tips tricks and shortcuts

    More hidden Windows tips tricks and shortcuts | News | TechRadar
  13. socrates

    10 handy Skype tips and tricks

    10 handy Skype tips and tricks | News | TechRadar
  14. maverick786us

    Is airtel cheating with customers again?

    I am using Airtel 2MBPS connection. While downloading its fine but in Torrent. The moment I see any download touching around 200KBPS my internet connection gets disconnected for a moment and starts. After reconnection I don't see that speed in torrent. Is aritel playing some CHEAP tricks and...
  15. abhijit_reddevil

    7 Google tricks you didn’t know about

    7 Google tricks you didn’t know about. Source: 7 Google tricks you didn’t know about- The Times of India We all know how to search on Google. But not many of us know the tips and tricks that can make Google searches better and in easier on Google. Having an alternative to something...
  16. topgear

    MX vs. ATV Reflex [PC][X360][PS3][PSP]

    Control your ride! Battle for position and avoid catastrophic disaster as you blitz through motocross mayhem. Fight for traction and dig up the track to force the competition to carve new race lines. Dual controls let you tear it up with death-defying stunts and high-flying freestyle action...
  17. X

    Browsers Tips and Tricks

    Hey guys I just wrote an article about Firefox tips and tricks. You can check it out here. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or if you just want me to research / test / add a trick you have an idea for, do post here. I am also working on Google Chrome tips, and after that other...
  18. T

    My blog

    Hey everyone out there.I have started blogging and have made a computer tricks and tips blog--- Please review it.
  19. amraj

    Cool Programming Tips & Tricks with Q & A

    I wanted some one who could answer my questions in programing in VB, C, C++, Java etc. There are many peoples like me who also wants to solve their queries but not getting the proper answers for this. Here you can give some tips and tricks for programming and also queries related to programming...
  20. Pragadheesh

    === in MS word

    Hi, While typing in MS word, i accidentally gave === and pressed 'Enter' and i got Two full lines. I know this might be old. But just want to know what other such typing tricks exist.? Not the tricks of the sort '=rand(200,90)' but i want typing tricks that will be useful while doing...
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