1. B

    Photoshop 6 Down and Dirty Tricks

    DOes any1 have this book Photoshop 6 Down & Dirty Tricks by Scott Kelby..... i have been looking for it for a long time and i badly need this book.... will pay for it.....
  2. P

    Plz send sp3 troubleshootting tricks

    Plz send sp3 troubleshootting tricks
  3. A

    Starcraft And Warhammer Thread

    This Is The Starcraft And Warhammer Thread All Queries Questions Tips Tricks Dealt With Here
  4. Zangetsu

    ASP.NET Tips & Tricks

    Hello programmers...:cool: I m working on ASP.NET with VB in Visual Studio 2005.... really needs some extra tips or tricks on same for making some tasks easier...:D if u know some then post some...;-)
  5. heartripple

    how to make screensaver with some music in background

    hey guys i like screen savers and want to make my own screen savers so pls give me tricks how to make it:D come on guys no reply yet
  6. saqib_khan

    Problem regarding bittorrent.

    Hi all, My friend has unlimited 256 KB/s internet connection. The speed is also very good, but when he downloads torrent with the help of bittorrent or limewire, he says the speed never goes upto 30. I mean it reaches 30, but never goes up. He says he thinks that there is some limitation in...
  7. dreams

    w580i Tips, Tricks, Upgrades, Mods etc.,

    Hi Guys..As requested by my frnd Infra I am creating this Xclusiv thread only 4 w580i. Pls Pls Pls do not request for any here. Suggestions, Reviews, Tricks, Tips, MODS are only strictly allowed. Sorry other SE users. FIRST - I bought a new w580i after using w300i. - Really...
  8. hayabusa_ryu

    Give some Photoshop Tutorial and tricks

    Hello friends, Plz suggest some very good sites for photoshop cs2 tutorials and for its tips n tricks.And if u know some tricks (secrets one too),plz give me.Ur suggestion and tutrials will be welcomed.:-D
  9. Gigacore

    * Post ur VB/VB.NET queries here *

    Guys use this thread to post all you VB and .NET Queries here. . . and also post ur own source codes, tips and tricks here. :)
  10. Dark Star

    Terminal Question.

    Hi all Just want to know how to show system detail, temperature and few other things in Terminal.. plz tell other tricks too if u know Regards
  11. S

    How to save a html page?

    How to save a html page? I just want to save a htm page. --> file --> save as --> it saves the page but some images can't save. Give me some tricks if you know. I want images to be saved. Plz help.... :(
  12. Gigacore

    Best Tips & Tricks Sites for windows!!

    Best Sites for Windows Tips, Tricks and Tweaking Windows Tips Galore Tweaks for XP Freaks Windows XP Tips from Microsoft...
  13. anandk


    now i know this one's old ! but posting it for the newcomers since it just got updated ! WinTricks is one of the largest and most up-to-date programs for Windows tips, tricks, and secrets available today! WinTricks includes tips/tricks for all versions of Windows, plus the Registry, Desktop...
  14. S

    tricks for vista

    - Top 5 Cool Vista Tricks Even if you never have to use these, it's good just to know they're there. By J. Peter Bruzzese
  15. dOm1naTOr

    DMC3 help

    Im stuck in DMC3 PC. Currently Im on the fight with some black :D electric lady and it seems i can't defeat her. Also I dun know to use any special combos as the controll system is actually made for controllers and the keyboard controlls are crappy for DMC3. It seems there is no cheats for the...
  16. S

    Photoshop Tricks...

    Hello friends. Those of you who are interested in learning Photoshop tricks, I have uploaded a zip file which contains many tips and tricks of Photoshop. Click the below mentioned link to download the same. Enjoy.
  17. S

    Newbies guide to Windows ownership tricks

    These registry tricks are for beginners. Hello frnds in these tricks i will tell u how to change the registered owner name , registered company ,find ur key of XP. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ These all tricks are in...
  18. D

    Check some cool fifa07 tricks! Really cool!
  19. izzikio_rage

    Tips and tricks for FIFA 06

    help guys.....big college LAN tournament of FIFA 06 coming up please share some tips and tricks for the game. please post them here as my college has blocked most gaming sites. thanks
  20. Sandeepnair85

    Nokia N80 tips and tricks

    Hi guys i was just browsing about cell phones and i had my hands on this stuff. Check out some Nokia N80 trips and tricks on Technologysearch
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