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  1. B

    Any limit for mtnl unlimited broadband plans?

    Hello world! this is my first post on the forum, and I hope I am not making a mistake. :) I saw the 'Triband queries' thread, but it seemed dead since Feb'11. Coming to the point: All I want to know if there is any hidden (or something like T&C) limit for MTNL's unlimited triband plans? I...
  2. zegulas

    MTNL Triband in openSuSE 10.3

    I have MTNL's Triband Night UL. Connected via Ethernet. How to configure it in SuSE 10.3?
  3. A

    MTNL has launched Triband Unlimited @ very low price

    MTNL has launched Triband Unlimited from 1st november 2007 ony for 20k :mad: njoy the year of Broadband
  4. A

    mtnl triband blues

    Hi all, I am using a MTNL Triband line 512 kbps, my problem is that I am unable to use my FTP (using Filezilla) to transfer JPEGs and TIFFs to a server outside, the FTP program has a trouble shooting site, it tells me I have a floating URL and there is a firewall at my end, I am using XP and...
  5. B

    Help me choose : Nokia N70 Music Edition Vs. SE W810i

    Here are my questions : 1) The title... Which one should i buy.. ? 2) If I buy these phones in India, both are 3G, Triband (i guess), will they work in the US ? Please reply ASAP... Thanks in Advance
  6. Ihatemyself

    MTNL is crap again

    Now check this out .I went 4 mtnl 550 triband plan and got response after a month of filling forms. Then now i changed my plan to unlimited 1000 rs plan by applying a week ago and still no response..No customer care (it does not even put me in the list of waiting callers) .MTNL website is...
  7. A

    Triband Speed Down Frm 2 Mbps To 256 Kbps Help Needed

    i m using triband DSL NU i m getting speed 1.78 Mbps (bandwith) bt n m loosn my speed to 235kbs what the reason behind thi gyz plz help me i m usin D-LINK 502-T.
  8. rohus24

    Gr8 news for triband users.

    hey guyssss! i hope im the first one to confirm this. if it is a repeat plz forgive me. the users of mtnl triband (both mumbai and delhi) are gonna have their speeds upgraded to 2 mbps with effect from 1st jan 2007.:lol::lol: however there is a catch, this is not avaiable to the users who are...
  9. S

    How to configure MTL Triband in SUSE10.1

    hi guys.just installed suse 10.1 but am not able to run internet as i dont know how to setup triband in it.i tried to do using YaST but no use..........no internet connectivity.............i configured triband for ubuntu and it worked fine.................not working for suse...
  10. A

    MTNL Network For Triband Users..plz Answer

    Hi ,All asking something after Really Long time.... I just got a MTNL triband Connection at home and just wanted to know that... can I be on network ...as in can I have file sharing for all the MTNL triband Users in my area....because the ip assined to me is a Private Ip...
  11. LegendKiller

    MTNL Triband Bandwith Problem..

    Hi, I am currently using DSL NU plan of mtnl triband in mumbai. from yesterday evening i find that my download speeds are almost half. Earlier it used by b/w 26-29kbps and now it is 11-14kbps.... dunno whats happening.
  12. go_gamez

    MTNL Triband presents World class PC games..

    though..i am not a MTNL..triband user..i ve got some new..for other.MTNL.triband users.. GAMES ON DEMAND !! Unlimited access to world class computer games at monthly subscriptions .0f - 1>RS. 300 for premium pack :pack of high end super premium games 2>RS. 150 for casual pack :pack of...
  13. rajwansh2003

    Dualband and Triband

    What is the difference between dualband and triband? Which is better?
  14. techno_funky

    **Post all your MTNL Triband Related Queries Here**

    Due to member request's, I am starting this topic. Use this thread to post all your MTNL Triband related questions. Use it to get your MTNL Triband related queries and general topics like how can I know the transfers of my connection and more! Use it to get all your answers...
  15. N

    Broadband & Win98

    Hi, I've got a MTNL Triband connection. Can I run it on Windows 98? If yes, how?
  16. shreyadr

    Router for MTNL Triband ?

    I have applied for MTNl Triband on 1st June,06. But they r shortage of Routers. I have searched on ebay, but there r various kinds of routers availble there. When asked the MTNL staff abt details of the Router, they dosen't know abt it. in such case, if i want to prchase a Router .... 1)where...
  17. anispace

    Invalid login ID!! Triband

    When i enter my login ID and password in the Triband usage site register.mtnl.net.in it says invalid login id.. The site was fine till yesterday..anybody else facing this prob. Is there any other way to check my Triband usage?? Damn will have to contact MTNL customer care:cry::cry::cry...
  18. G

    mtnl triband

    guys pls help me. How do I select the best plan for me for mtnl triband? I am currently using a broadband plan from my local cable wallah which costs around Rs 700 per month and am planning to switch over to mtnl. I use the net a lot. I use it almost everyday from morning to night for dwnlding...
  19. A

    Access TRIBAND from other telephone line.

    I have a TRIBAND connection for a particular No. can i use the same internet connection from some other telephone connection. is this possible.....?
  20. ax3

    msn & yahoo mssg with triband ! ! !

    how 2 configure msn & yahoo mssg with mtnl triband ???
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