1. kjuvale

    setup problem

    hi i just downloaded a setup of commandos 3 trial (1.51 Gb) . It is time trial for 1 hr. but ssetup starts in a dos windows and window goes. is there a way i can recover the setup. it is a single exe file. when i saw properties it shows like msdos programm. what can be wrong.
  2. hcp006sl

    Corel Paint Shop Pro X released

    Finally Corel has released Paint Shop Pro X. Trial is available now. To download trial version go to, create a free account, if you don't have any and then logon to download the file named Corel_PaintShopPro1000_EN_TBYB_TrialESD.exe (104.63 MB).
  3. D

    Windows X64 need help

    I am buying AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (Socket 939) with ATI® Radeon XPRESS 200P- RX480M2 motherbaord I wish to install Windows Xp 64 bit version Trial What are neccessary things i should look forwad into, What problem will i get.
  4. The Incredible


    Hey guys, my friend wants 2 know that he is having a software 2 sell online, but he wants that the software can be downloaded only once by a person (Trial Ver) & if he want 2 download the software , he should have to pay for it. & also he can't install the trial ver again on his system? Help needed.
  5. k_mridul

    Need Softwares to convert MP3 to MIDI

    I need a software to convert MP3 files to MIDI files (Trial or Free) If u know more than one pls tell me all of them so that i can try out the best for me.
  6. R

    [merged]Info:about Sims 2 and others

  7. plsoft

    Dr DivX!!!

    Please include DrDivx 1.0.6 trial version in the next issue DVD/CD.
  8. O

    How to create trial wares?

    hi all i've created a tool and want to make it a trial ware. do u know any software available for this..? i've a tool which doesnt allow to set the no of just creates 30 day trial..i want to customize suggest me anyother.. regards Utkarsh
  9. ax3

    Norton 2005 ! ! !

    has digit given us Norton 2005 trial version ??? if yes, which month (cd/dvd) ???
  10. H

    Software for viewing Photos on VCD.

    Is there any good software which can be used to view Photos on Tv thru VCD. I've tried a few but either the trial version has an"Evalution copy" label appearing over each photo OR the format is not reconisable. Anyone. regds MEL
  11. C

    System info

    Please give the utility that gives the complete info about the computer[Full version,not trial or shareware
  12. G

    ACDSee 7 is out

    One of the best Image management softwares new version is out, ACDSee 7 is out, it is said to be about 70% faster then ACDSee 6, which was really slow & 40% faster then ACDSee 5.1 Go to to get the trial, a must in the november CD or DVD, the trial is 14.76 MB
  13. A


    i use w2k ... i had uninstalled a trial version software ... bt due 2 its limited use i uninstalled it .... 2 use it fully ... i bought it ... & installed it .... bt the registered version refuses 2 start as it detects the trial version ... which had expired ... i had uninstalled it...
  14. adithyagenius

    How to tell the contents of an .iso file.

    I tried open medkit.iso It opened in roxio CD creator basic. I can't see the contents what I am going to burn. Is there any software to tell the contents of an iso image. Any freeware not trial software like nero virtual cd mounterwhich doesn't work for more than 30 days.
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