1. J

    Urgnet help required with Laptop drivers

    My friend has got a TOSHIBA A100 satellite laptop. It came pre-installed with Vista. But the computer is not powerful enough to run it. So we decided to UPGRADE it win XP. The trouble is that with Xp installed the sound and the ATI graphics do not work. They install fine but fail to work. I...
  2. K

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

    Hi guys, Microsoft releases the Visual Studio 2008 is free and trial version Express Edition is free... Link : Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite (90-day Trial) Link ...
  3. H

    MP3 to AAC Converters...

    Hi, Could you guys please suggest any free mp3 to aac converters which can convert many mp3 files into aac in a batch. Most of the trial softwares i use convert 1 file at a time. Please help.
  4. G

    Need to change AVI to WMV!

    Hello all, I have some AVI video files that I need to convert into WMV files for my client. Does anyone know of the fastest one out there that is free or has a free trial so I can at least test it before purchasing? Thanks!
  5. A

    DivX Play

    DivX Play has been released: The DivX Play Bundle gives you everything you need to start watching high-quality DivX videos, including DivX Video-on-Demand movies. The DivX Player is capable of playing every DivX file ever created, with integrated support for advanced DivX Media Format...
  6. smile

    Dvd Software

  7. aQi_g

    How can i reinstall windows One Care?

    I have installed Microsoft's windows OneCare trial version(90 days), i want to knw how can i reinstall WOC after the trial version expires,?
  8. B

    can someone give me the crack for Adobe cs3

    Hi frens, I'll be grateful to u, if anyone of u give me the crack for adobe CS3, I have downloaded the trial version (for thirty days) of the software from the net, I also want to know whether the crack will work with the trial version of the software.....? Thankx Bitu
  9. P

    help me uninstall this software

    A few weeks ago, I installed a trial version of keylocker pro on my n70me. I installed it on phone memory. After the trial period is over, I wanted to uninstall it. But was unable o do so. It gave me an error "remove failed". I want to know if can be removed any way.
  10. N

    Dosprn 1.72 or 1.78 Needed? Trial version

    hello guys , On thier site ver 1.79 is only available ..But i want working link to download Dosprn 1.72 or 1.78 Trial version... Can anyone get me please? 1.7 or 1.6 ll also work .......if anyone have it please upload it on rapidshare
  11. JohnephSi

    Win Vista Download

    Is Win Vista ultimate trial available 4 download
  12. saurabh kakkar

    is it legal ?

    hi i wana know whether extending the time period of time trial softwares is conciders as piracy or not .
  13. satyamy

    Microsoft Office 2007 Uninstallation Error......

    I have installed trial pack of Office 2007 Professional it unistalled my Current Office XP & Overwritten Office 2007 Now its trial peroid is over & I am unable to uninstall it I tried ccleaner but it too didnt help any trick you people knows to uninstall this new Version of Office Pls...
  14. sysfilez

    FREE 60 days Trial Version of Office 2007. Grab It.

    Pls visit this link and get yourself a free cd of 60days Trial Office 2007. regards sam
  15. S

    MDF file

    I downloaded a MDF file. I understand that it is a CD image file. But how to burn it? Nero dosen't support it. Magic ISO does but the trial versioon doesnot support more than 700MB my file 740MB
  16. aj27july

    ftp help

    Hey guys do you know any website that will allow me to upload files via a ftp client for free?? i need it urgently. please tell. i should not be a paid one. and it should not have any kind of restrictictions. I mean that it should not be a a service for free trial only. it should be free (like...
  17. R

    Photoshop CS Trial reinstall?

    I installed the 30 day trial of photoshop CS. Its expired now. Is there any way i can install it again? cos after uninstalling and reinstalling it still says trial expired. Its related to registry entries, i think. Please reply, if you can help. Thanx.
  18. 47shailesh

    Orded free: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Trial Software kit

    Orded free: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Trial Software kit from here :
  19. aryayush

    Windows expert to Redmond: Buh-bye

    Windows expert to Redmond: Buh-bye Scot Finnie says "sayonara" to Windows, but his search for Mac software continues Scot Finnie February 07, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Editor's Note: This is the third installment of a series in which longtime Windows expert Scot Finnie gives the Mac a...
  20. rahul_becks23

    Installation of trial very wierd...!!!

    I installed Audition 2 trial but when it runs , it says - Trial expired . Now , the problem is that i never installed it before in the first place ... so this is possible that the software thinks i have used 30 days already , whereas , actuallly , i just installed it for the 1st time ...
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