1. N

    Why cant i connect my 2 HDDs and CDRW all at once.

    Ok guys, Here is a complicated problem of mine., Even an expert on another forum couldnt help me out, I hope you guys can... I have a 5yr old 863Mhz P3, (please dont laugh) and XP service pack 2 HDD1: 20GB has OS HDD2: 40 GB (primary partition is ready to deleted if needbe) CDRW...
  2. S

    can anyone help me finding a good phone mangaer software for my nokia 3120

    i have recently purchased a D.K.U data cable and a p.c suite has come along with that.. but i want a good phone manager to manage my contacts and sms through the p.c do anyone of you have an idea.. if its trial version also its not a problem just give me the name and if you can give the link i...
  3. blackpearl75

    Adobe Acrobat Pro. 8 Trial Not Installing

    I d/l Adobe Acrobat Pro. 8 Trial & when try 2 install..the setup screen splashes AND the setup never runs. While trying to extract files using "Univeral Extractor 1.3" i got the following msg. {}. :confused: Do i...
  4. nikhilrao

    How is Windows 1-Care ?

    I want to no if any1 here has tryd the windows 1-care ? it does a lot of things. there is a 3 month trial ofer from Microsoft which I plan to try. Can you pls give me suggestions. Is it good ?
  5. I

    mistake in writing.

    actually it was my mistake in writing.It is not trial to full version,it is just that when we install a demo version on PC & after it gets over,& if we reinstall it again then also it gives a message that Ur trial period is over.Once i had done some KIDA with regestry entry & had been sucessful...
  6. I

    Trial to full version?

    If any one of u guys know how to convert a trial version of any 30 days trial version game or software then please inform me.i have heard that we have to delete some registry entry of that particular software after uninstalling it.But dont know the exact proceedure.So please help me out.
  7. ketanbodas

    I loose internet connection when I remove HIDEIP PLATINIUM.

    I had installed HIDE IP PLATINIUM on my pc. Now when i remove it, my internet connection just goes phut ! So i again installed it although the trial period is over. Befor this I had no problem. Even when I instald this program I could connect to the Internet, BUT NOW WHEN I UNINSTAL IT, I just...
  8. virus_killer

    Agile Msngr. prob.. ??

    hi guys,, i have updated my Agile Msngr from V.3.0 to 3.78, the version 3.78 was on trial period of 7 days , i had dwnld and installed the version, but now the problem is trial period has expired and its not workin now so i hav reinstalled my older version but whenever i...
  9. iMav


    i had opera on my 6600 by default .... it wasnt a trial version then i installed the latest version available on opera's site .... now its become a trial version :-? :-| .... please help what am i supposed to do
  10. C

    Cant get rid off moviepass

    Hey guys, My friend has a problem... he has downloaded some stuff from now everytime he connects to net, a movie pass window opens up saying the trial period is expired..... anybody know how to get rid of this thing?
  11. D

    some apps wanted for 6600 and 6630

    1) a download manager which can support resuming downloads (no matter its free or trial ) 2) a pdf word and excel reader 3) a zip extractor 4) a good browser 5) mobile maintainenece soft adn at last any good site from where i can download some trial symbian apps and games thanks
  12. A

    Auto Cad

    please provide the link for the latest trial versoin of Auto CAD
  13. deepgeek2

    Free Partition Manager

    Can anyone tell me about any free & reliable partition manager which *actually* does something and not like the demos of the big names which only let you play with the interface and do absolutely nothing. Even a trial version would do but it must work. My needs are basic and i am not looking...
  14. go4saket

    Use Trial Softwares forever without paying (Legal Way)

  15. R

    ms trial software order

    had any of you ever ordered trial software from microsoft on cd. i was thinking of ordering windowsxp 64bit trial on cd. url= it says=orders are subject to shipping and handling...
  16. Vishal Gupta


    Hi guys! I need ur help! I'm currently d/l ing Windows XP Professional 64-bit edition 180 days trial from Microsoft site. I hv some quesries regarding to it, so pls give ur valuable answers :) 1.) Its a 180 days trial, i.e., it'll stop working after 180 days, but what will happen if I...
  17. sandeepthapa31

    E Donkey software

    I dont know if this the right forum to post this topic. Guys I am on a lookout for the E Donkey soft ware, I need some trial version. Is there any such software supplied by Digit which can work exactly/somewhat like e donkey software. :P :P
  18. C

    question about free software

    Hello, I have downloaded software to record pc sounds. The version was totally free. But it dosn't provide needed satisfaction. So, I searched the net but most of the softwares are trial versions. Can any body suggest the good version of pc sound recorder which is totally free? Thanks
  19. J

    Dataone trial offer

    Hi all, BSNL is giving a trail offer of Dataone....just saw a add on tv!! Anyone having details about it?? thanks
  20. jay4u

    Corel photoalbum trial key wanted..

    I downloaded corel photo album trial version. But it is asking me for a trial key to install it. i try to connect to internet through the interface but it does not connect. Can somebody give me the trial key for Corel Photoalbum 6. Please note : i am not asking for any crack or serial key but...
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